Vienna Letter: Clear Choice in 10th District

Vienna Letter: Clear Choice in 10th District

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I’m writing to urge my 10th District neighbors to vote for Barbara Comstock, our incumbent congresswoman. Barbara is an outstanding professional—but she is also one of us, with the same personal concerns and experiences. She and her husband moved to McLean in 1981 and have been active in the community ever since. She understands our issues through the lens of a mother, grandmother, a daughter and a small

business owner.

Barbara is a woman of many talents, and has invested years in learning and addressing the most important issues to our District. She did it the hard way – from the ground up. Barbara worked as an aide to Congressman Wolf, before becoming Chief Counsel to the largest Congressional oversight committee addressing waste, fraud and abuse. She went on to serve as our tireless Delegate to Richmond, before becoming our Congresswoman. If you have ever reached out to Barbara or her staff, you know they care and want to hear our input, and answer our requests quickly with efficient and thoughtful resolutions.

Unlike Barbara, her opponent parachuted back to the 10th District, after spending a decade in Arlington and Washington D.C. hobnobbing with Democratic party elites. Having been recruited by these party elites and only recently returned, who do you think Ms. Bennett will represent—our interests or the party elite’s? The contrast between candidates is stark, and the choice for our district is clear.

Cheryl Buford