Lorton Letter: Millennial’s Perspective

Lorton Letter: Millennial’s Perspective

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Millennials now make up the largest voting bloc in our country, and we have the unique opportunity to shape the outcome of the 2016 election. I encourage my fellow millennials in the 10th Congressional District to vote for Barbara Comstock for Congress.

Congresswoman Comstock understands the needs of our community and the issues important to our generation. I had the opportunity to first meet Congresswoman Comstock at her kick off event for her Delegate race in 2013. After speaking to her, I could tell she was very knowledgeable about the issues millennials were facing.

Before law school, I often used the Metro to commute from Vienna to Washington D.C. for meetings and work. As many of my friends know, Metro has been a constant headache. Congresswoman Comstock has been a

leading voice in our community to address these issues every step of the way. This is exactly the kind of leadership millennials want to see in Washington – someone who understands the issues that affect their

constituents, and someone who is willing to work across the aisle to find solutions.

We also want leaders who understand the generational challenges we face. Virginia students are borrowing over $1 billion per year to pay for college. That’s unsustainable. Congresswoman Comstock introduced

legislation to reduce the burden of student debt by allowing students to refinance their college loans. On Nov. 8, I encourage my fellow millennials to vote for a leader who is currently getting things accomplished for our community and our generation. I ask that you vote Barbara Comstock this November.

Brandon Schall

Fairfax Station