Lorton Letter: Keeping Us Safe

Lorton Letter: Keeping Us Safe

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

We were reminded two weeks ago that the terrorist threat against our country is still very real. The attacks committed in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota make me focus on what is being done by our elected leaders to keep us safe.

Our Congresswoman, Barbara Comstock, has made national security and strengthening our defense a top priority. She understands that we must provide law enforcement agents and our military with important resources and the tools necessary to keep America safe in this ever-changing threat environment. She has supported much needed additional funding and worked on a bipartisan basis to help ease the defense sequester cuts. She has worked with leaders in the defense and national security arena since her tenure as a senior Justice Department official post September 11. On the domestic front, she’s worked with local, state and federal law enforcement officials on the ongoing threats against our region. Barbara’s hands--on approach have earned her the endorsements by our local Firefighters as well as the Police.

Her opponent, LuAnn Bennett, in contrast, has had no experience in this area.

I appreciate that our Congresswoman, Barbara Comstock, has the understanding and experience to address these national security and defense issues and we need to have her continue to work for us to protect the community and the homeland.

Bradford "Brad" Butler

Fairfax Station