Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Supporting Gillespie for Governor

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Supporting Gillespie for Governor

The first job of our governor is to keep us safe and secure. 2017 Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie understands the critical nature of this responsibility and is prepared to act on it.

Over the last couple of months, Gillespie has participated in multiple ride-alongs with local law enforcement and has seen first-hand the criminal activity occurring in our state. He knows that issues related to gangs like MS-13 have gone unaddressed for far too long. I know he will be the leader that steps up and does something about it.

Gillespie recently put forward a plan to combat gangs, reduce crime, and provide support for the brave men and women who selflessly serve their communities to make our Commonwealth safer. Boosting compensation for law enforcement, reinstating Project Exile, securing funding for the Northern Virginia Regional Task force and banning sanctuary cities will be just some of the major priorities of the Gillespie administration.

Gillespie’s commitment to keeping us safe extends beyond just the state and local levels, he also is a major supporter of our military. He understands that Virginia will benefit economically from President Trump’s initiative to build up our military and wants to make sure that Virginia plays a leading role. Long gone will be the days when President Obama's Sequestration stunted our state's economy. With Gillespie in the governor’s office, we will build more ships and submarines in NewportNews, dredge our channel and bolster our cyber security presence. Under his leadership, we will become the most veteran-friendly state in the nation.

Gillespie’s policies will provide important wins for our safety and our economic future. I’ll be proud to cast my vote for him in November, and I hope that you will join me.

Genaro Pedroarias

Great Falls