Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Why Does Old Town Look Like This?

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Why Does Old Town Look Like This?

The following open letter is addressed to Mayor Silberberg, members of City Council, City Manager Mark Jinks.

How can it be that our City Council members, city manager, and city employees travel the streets of Old Town and do not see the unkept state of our city streets? The tree wells are full of weeds and dead trees, the unclean sidewalks have been taken over by weeds, and the medians are neglected. We residents see it, visitors see it, and it is remarked upon by everyone who lives here and visits. It is a disgrace.

Has the moratorium on cleanliness of the landscape come about to bring pressure to the BID decision? Or is it a lack of accountability on the part of those who are paid to keep the city clean and attractive.

Look at the main intersection of Old Town at King and Washington streets, look at the knee high weeds in the tree wells, and ask yourselves if this makes you proud.

It must not be a question of money or manpower. Our two-person Adopt-a-Block maintains eight blocks of Duke, Fayette and Henry Streets with weekly weed abatement, planting, and litter patrol. If two senior women can do it, the resources of the city should be able to do even better.

I have attached several photos of King and Washington streets, sidewalks and medians, and the public parking lot on King Street. This is what your citizens see and wonder why you do not see it as well and take action. Please walk the streets, take a good look, and make Old Town’s tree wells and sidewalks something that we can be proud of. Not just one cleanup, but a lasting priority.

Kathryn M. Huettner