Letter to the Editor: Looking from Both Sides

Letter to the Editor: Looking from Both Sides

Kerry Carter’s commentary article “Love Tr---s Hate” really attracted my attention. Since the 2016 presidential election, there has been a lot of political tension in America and it has caused many people to have strong feelings of hatred. I agree that Alexandria should be a “hate free zone” however; asking people to change their beliefs is not easy.

What is making people have such hatred? Well in political terms the Democratic Party has hatred toward Trump because he doesn’t have the same beliefs or actions as the Democratic Party, thus making that group of people “haters.”

On the other side of the spectrum however, Republicans share the same ideas as President Trump. These beliefs go back many years and can be taught by demographics such as social class, race/ethnic groups, and sex/gender. These “haters” have been raised to believe in what they do and simply asking them to stop hating is not logical.

These people who think that they can create a “hate free zone” are not looking at this from the other point of view. Some people have certain beliefs that are set through religious reasons. Just because someone of a different religion has a view on one issue does not mean that the other side is any less valid. These people need to look at everything from all different angles and perspectives.

Paige Dunigan