Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Refuse to Enroll

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Refuse to Enroll

Virginians shopping for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchange have other alternatives. Enrollment through the ACA exchange starts Nov. 1, but individuals can refuse to enroll.

Insurance premiums for 2018 are higher than ever, and choice of plans is shrinking. Only seven insurers are offering individual plans in Virginia, and the monthly premium increases range from 35-73 percent over 2017 plans. Many Virginians cannot afford “Obamacare” any longer.

The ACA allows three legal opt-out options, including nine primary and 14 hardship exemptions. A simple-to-understand description of these exemptions is available from Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom at cchfreedom.org.

While Congress falters on repealing the ACA, Virginians can open the escape hatch and refuse to enroll. Once people understand that subsidies are dollars taken from taxpayers, and see that the exchange is a system for redistributing wages, they will discover that better choices are available — choices that protect their privacy, their pocketbooks, and their cherished freedom.

Nancy Piotter

Executive Director

Virginians for Quality Healthcare

Fairfax Station