Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Appreciating ‘Pet Friendly’

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Appreciating ‘Pet Friendly’

As a dog owner living in Old Town Alexandria since 1992 I can understand the letter writer’s concern [“Why Allow Dogs in Stores,” Oct. 19], if they are shopping and there are unruly pets in our local stores disrupting shoppers. However, the writer makes no mention of any issue with the dogs in the store other than the fact dogs were inside the store that she apparently found that offensive. A large part of the fabric of Alexandria is that it's pet friendly with plenty of identified dog parks, outdoor restaurants, shops that allow dogs and other venues. As a former retail owner on King Street I allowed customers to bring their animals into my store provided they were not misbehaving. In the 10 years I had my retail location I never once had an issue with any pet owners and their dogs in my store. I did have bigger issues with double-wide strollers trying to fit through my front door, but that’s another story. Every retail establishment can set their own policy regarding allowing pets into their stores, perhaps the writer should take up her issue directly with the store, or as the writer suggested pet owners do, she can stay home and shop online. I would suggest the writer had or has a negative view of all dogs and dog owners

and would be well served to perhaps stop by one of the many dog parks and get to know some of the dog owners there and realize we are her neighbors and friends. Just then perhaps the “madness” she alluded to

will just maybe become a little less maddening for her the next time she ventures out to shop.

P.S.: Support your local retailers; they are big part of our community and I am sure most will allow your well-behaved dogs.

Geoff Stone