Researching Lost Towns of Fairfax County

Researching Lost Towns of Fairfax County

Herndon Historical Society looks at what happened to Colchester, Matildaville, and Wiehle.

The Herndon Historical Society, headquartered in the historic Herndon Depot Museum, has announced that on Wednesday, Jan. 24, 7-8:30 p.m., Heather Bollinger and Jeff Clark from the Fairfax Circuit Court Historic Records Center will speak about some of the lost towns of Fairfax County.

The presentation, free and open to the public, will be during the January 2018 meeting of the Herndon Historical Society held at the Herndon Depot Museum, 717 Lynn St., Herndon. All are welcome.

Bollinger and Clark will cover historical towns such as Colchester, a former tobacco port on the Occoquan River established in 1753; Matildaville, a ruined canal town where thousands of boats locked near present-day Great Falls; and the utopian town of Wiehle, attempted by Dr. Max Wiehle before the land became Reston. These communities, once vibrant with schools, churches, shops and civic centers are now gone.

According to the Herndon Historical Society's website, the speakers' presentations will also include a discussion about a formerly segregated section of the Town of Herndon called Cooktown.

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