Chinquapin Wahoos: Division Champions

Chinquapin Wahoos: Division Champions

Collette Duplantier.

Collette Duplantier. Photo by Marissa Solis


Dylan Lim

The Chinquapin Wahoos won the Division Championships in storming fashion this summer. The team was led by Alex Guevara, Eamonn Greiner, Amir Smith, Liya Fairfax, Madison Schang, Ellie Robb, Jack Schiefele, Yahia Omar, Dylan Lim, Eva Billups, Kate Merril, Camila Zuniga, Jolan Foronda, Bodie Lauinger, Catherine Salomons, Eve McLaury, Jack McLaury, Emil LaSida, Ronan Lauinger, Alex Paz, Maya Solis, and Lydia Greenwood who all had top three finishes. LaSida lowered the Colonial Swim League backstroke record and had three 1st place finishes.

This weekend is All-Stars and 28 Wahoo swimmers have a chance at competing. The 8&Under Girls, the 9-10 Boys, and the 13-14 Boys all won Divisional trophies with the 8&Under Girls having an unprecedented six swimmers making All Stars. This group includes Chloe Fox, Linda Jimenez, Liya Fairfax, Chance Maxwell, Ellie Robb, and Madison Schang.

8&Under Boys Freestyle: Alex Guevara (18.06) 2nd; Logan Phillips (21.96) 8th; Eamonn Greiner (22.55) 10th; Backstroke: Eamonn Greiner (26.13) 2nd; Dominic Grajkowski (29.71) 10th; Logan Phillips (29.96) 11th; Breaststroke: Amir Smith (25.42) 2nd; Eamonn Greiner (27.90) 5th; Butterfly: Alex Buevara (20.78) 3rd; Chris Paz (28.01) 6th; Logan Phillips (34.07) 10th; Individual Medley: Alex Guevara (1:45.76) 1st.

8&Under Girls Freestyle: Liya Fairfax (19.20) 1st; Madison Schang ((19.32) 3rd; Linda Jimenez (20.22) 4th; Backstroke: Ellie Robb (24.57) 3rd; Chloe Fox (24.72) 4th; Linda Jimenez (25.33) 6th; Breaststroke: Madison Schang (25.43) 2nd; Linda Jimenez (26.10) 3rd; Chance Maxwell (29.04) 5th; Butterfly: Ellie Robb (22.28) 2nd; Chloe Fox (29.52) 8th; Individual Medley: Madison Schang (1:47.66) 1st; Ellie Robb (1:57.78) 3rd; Chloe Fox (2:00.45) 4th.

9-10 Boys Freestyle: Yahia Omar (39.02) 3rd; Dylan Lim (39.27) 4th; Chris Green (39.68) 5th; Backstroke: Jack Schiefele (42.99) 2nd; Breaststroke: Merrill Plotkin (53.47) 5th; Chris Green (1:05.23) 11th; Butterfly: Jack Schiefele (17.27) 1st; Dylan Lim (19.94)3rd; Chris Green (21.32) 7th; Individual Medley: Jack Schiefele (1:36.78) 1st; Yahia Omar (1:42.90) 2nd; Avery Altenburg (2:15.48) 9th.

9-10 Girls Freestyle: Eva Billups (35.64) 1st; Kate Merril (39.21) 4th; Camila Zuniga (39.72) 6th; Backstroke: Eva Billups (41.81) 1st; Kate Merril (48.16) 3rd; Tennyson Fitzgerald (48.46) 4th; Breaststroke: Halle Thomas (53.40) 4th; Colette Duplantier (57.51) 10th; Tennyson Fitzgerald (59.06) 13th; Butterfly: Camila Zuniga (19.52) 3rd; Eva Billups (19,69) 4th; Individual Medley: Tennyson Fitzgerald (1:50.28) 4TH; Halle Thomas (1:52.45); Petra Evans (2:06.46).

11-12 Boys Freestyle: Bodie Lauinger (31.07) 3rd; Seamus Greiner (39.02) 12th; Henry Mead (39.02) 15th; Backstroke: Bodie Lauinger (37.46) 3rd; Seamus Greiner (50.89) 13th; Breaststroke: Jolan Foronda (36.50) 2nd; Bodie Lauinger (43.34) 5th; Seamus Greiner (47.53) 7th; Butterfly: Jolan Foronda (35.41) 2nd; Henry Mead (53.50) 15th; Individual Medley: Jolan Foronda (1:18.31) 3rd; Henry Mead (1:48.99) 11th.

11-12 Girls Freestyle: Eve McLaury (33.34) 5th; Abby Altenburg (34.43) 6th; C ate Cox (35.25) 7th; Backstroke: Catherine Salomons (38.20) 2nd; Eve McLaury (38.92) 3rd; Abby Altenburg (40.09) 4th; Breaststroke: Catherine Salomons (43.21) 2nd; Sally Cox (45.31) 4th; Lucy Thomas (46.93) 7th Butterfly: Eve McLaury (36.44) 3rd; Abby Altenburg (39.58) 6th; Cate Cox (42.12) 8th; Individual Medley: Catherine Salomons (1:25.15) 4th; Lucy Thomas (1:38.40) 12th; Elisabeth Carroll (1:41.50) 14th.

13-14 Boys Freestyle: Jack McLaury (31.04) 2nd; Alex Paz (31.53) 3rd; Diego Flores-Acosta (31.72) 5th; Backstroke: Emil LaSida (28.64) 1st; Ronan Lauinger (31.78) 2nd; Jack McLaury (35.33) 4th; Breaststroke: Ronan Lauinger (34.740 1st; Mikal Helms (45.00) 10th; Butterfly: Emil LaSida (27.92) 1st; Jack McLaury (34.94) 3rd; Diego Flores-Acosta (36.33) 4th Individual Medley: Emil LaSida (1:05.84) 1st; Ronan Lauinger (1:08.38) 2nd.

13-14 Girls Freestyle: Maya Solis (30.00) 1st; Stephanie Rosario (34.13) 9th; Haley Jaukedahl (36.01) 15th; Backstroke: Maya Solis (33.76) 1st; Haley Jaukedahl (39.98) 6th; Jocelyn Teran (48.40) 16th; Breaststroke: Stephanie Rosario (44.00) 5th; Jocelyn Teran (47.02) 10th; Alexis Kent (49.96) 14th; Butterfly: Maya Solis (33.76) 3rd; Stephanie Rosario (38.60) 10th; Haley Haukedahl (39.52) 12th; Individual Medley: Alexis Kent (1:40.31) 8th.

15-18 Boys Freestyle: Ian Do (29.37)9th; Jacob Rosario (29.54) 10th; Backstroke: Ian Do (34.21) 4th; Angel Callisaya (40.94) 14th; Maderro Helms (45.28) 15th; Breaststroke: Jacob Rosario (39.79) 11th; Maderro Helms (44.40) 17th; Angel Callisaya (44.48) 18th; Butterfly: Ian Do (31.16) 4th; Jacob Rosario (33.56) 12th; Individual Medley: Angel Callisaya (1:29.03) 13th; Maderro Helms (1:36.14) 14th.

15-18 Girls Freestyle: Lydia Greenwood (29.31) 2nd; Athena Salomons (33.04) 7th; Nicole Rosario (33.24) 9th; Backstroke: Athena Salomons (39.12) 6th; Maeva Dellaria (42.81) 11th; Breaststroke: Nicole Rosario (43.84) 7th; Athena Salomons (44.44) 8th; Butterfly: Lydia Greenwood (31.51) 2nd; Nicole Rosario (36.54) 8th; Maeva Dellaria (39.56) 11th.