Letter to the Editor: Credibility Gap?

Letter to the Editor: Credibility Gap?

Like many neighbors, I was stunned by the emails obtained in the FOIA request, which contradict what was recently in the papers about the Potomac Yard Metro changes. Some of the revelations are published here: https://pycr.blog/. WMATA told city staff in April 2018 that the plans to remove the southern entrance weren’t confidential; yet, staff wanted to suppress an image of the modified plan and said, “Even city council has not seen that image.”

It was recently reported that the mayor, vice mayor, and Councilman Smedberg stated that they didn’t learn until this spring that the southern entrance had been removed in July 2017. However, an email from the city manager to Vice Mayor Wilson in July 2017 shows that Mr. Wilson was told “one less ped bridge and mezzanine” would be built. Yet, he continued to vote for increased density based upon the proximity to the southern entrance of the Metro even though he had been told that entrance was gone.

It is clear that we need leadership to rebuild trust between City Hall and the residents. Based upon the FOIA, Mr. Wilson’s credibility seems to be in doubt.

Mayor Silberberg has consistently pushed for ethics reform and transparency despite Mr. Wilson watering down her ethics initiative. Mayor Silberberg alone has the credibility to right this ship.

Elizabeth Clark West