Voting for Reston Association Board Underway

Voting for Reston Association Board Underway

Reston Association (RA) members are urged to vote in the 2018 RA Board of Directors election. Voting opened Monday, March 5 at 5 p.m. and will run through April 2 until 5 p.m.

Four of the nine-member seats are open, one At-Large (1-year term), two At-Large (3-year term) and South Lakes District (3-year term).

Four of the thirteen candidates are running on a slate - Sridhar Ganesan and Travis Johnson are running alongside John Bowman and Tammi Petrine who are seeking other seats. The four created the slate because of common platforms concerning the Tetra purchase at cost of $2.65M and they oppose a proposal to increase Reston's population density.

Four other candidates are running as the “Alliance for a Better Reston” - Colin Meade, Aaron Webb, Andy Sigle and current South Lakes District Director Julie Bitzer saying they are committed to “implement Bob Simon’s original vision” for the community. Reston Now first reported the slates from mailers.

Adding to the mix, on Feb. 27, the Reston Association Board of Directors named Robert Wood to serve as Acting Chief Executive Officer for RA after Cate Fulkerson stepped down from the position.

According to the RA website, it is the responsibility of the Reston Association's Board of Directors to hire a person to serve as the Chief Executive Officer as well as a appoint officers to fill the four positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Board. As authorized by the association’s Bylaws, the Secretary, and Treasurer, while selected by the board, need not be elected directors.

As a whole, the RA board determines the mission and goals of the organization, establishes RA policy and procedures, monitors finances, approves the budgets, and sets the Assessment. The board also approves programs and capital spending.

All Reston property owners and renters can vote.