Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Voting for Comstock

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Voting for Comstock

Northern Virginia Voters have a clear choice for the Virginia 10th Congressional District. Cast your vote for our incumbent Barbara Comstock.

If you want lower taxes, vote for Barbara. If you want less government interference in your lives and less interference for small business, vote for Barbara. ...

If you want to clamp down on gangs like MS-13 and better background checks of immigrants, vote for Barbara.

Vote for Barbara so she can continue as she has, to fight for bipartisan issues, like stopping human trafficking and online predators, reducing gun violence in schools through school safety programs, more school resource officers, better mental health treatment, prevention, training and crisis intervention teams. Vote for Barbara if you want her to continue efforts at the national and local levels to reduce addiction to heroin and opioids in our neighborhoods, as she is the recognized leader in these efforts. She just recently joined the President in the oval office for the signing of the landmark HR-6 legislation to combat opioid addiction.

Barbara has continued her effective voice on all these issues since she was your Virginia State Delegate and since elected to the U. S. House of Representatives. Barbara also stood up to the President against freezing salaries of Federal Employees, but supports the President’s plans to further reduce taxes on middle class Americans. In Summary continue to support your Congresswoman and mine, as you vote on Nov. 6.

Glen Sjoblom

Great Falls