Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Clear Choice in VA-10

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Clear Choice in VA-10

When a person is running for Congress, we listen hard to the messaging on TV ads and in public forums.

Jennifer Wexton focuses on bread and butter issues affecting everyone in VA-10 -- how families can afford good health care, a commitment to first-class public education, and a bi-partisan state legislative record that helped protect children and prevent opioid overdose deaths. Wexton also believes that a vibrant Virginia economy means first-class roads, bridges, electrical grids, water supply, and telecommunications. She is committed to building consensus around critical infrastructure needs.

Barbara Comstock slams Wexton for I-66 tolls Wexton had nothing to do with. Comstock makes claims that often oversell what she really did, like saying she passed “landmark legislation on sexual harassment” when in fact she offered a simple, non-binding resolution about Congress.

Comstock talks a good line about independence and her reputation as a fighter but she is silent when it comes to defending her 98 percent Trump voting record or speaking truth to power. She thinks we won’t notice.

Who do we want representing us? Someone who will show up to defend her record as a prosecutor and state legislator and tell us how she will fight for us in Congress? Or someone who refuses to speak directly with us, who won’t hold a town hall meeting with constituents and ducked an invitation to be part of a non-partisan League of Women Voters debate?

We know who will work to truly make our lives better.

Mehrdad Etemad

Homa Etemad