What’s New, Exciting in McLean Area Schools

What’s New, Exciting in McLean Area Schools

Principals’ Back-to-School Report.

In the first week of the new school year, The Connection has asked the area school principals to respond to three questions:

1 - What are the most exciting developments in your school in the new school year?

2 - What would be your, one-sentence, message to parents, community?

3 - Any upcoming events, activities?

Here are their responses:

Ellen T. Reilly, Principal, McLean High School:

1 - McLean HS is excited to blend things up this year! Teachers are tackling Project-Based Learning and integrating tech tools like Padlet and Flipgrid. We are making our learning visible and fun!

2 - Join us for our monthly community sessions to learn more about blended learning and the FCPSOn initiative that will put a device in every FCPS high-schooler’s hands in 2019-20.

3 - Sept. 6 - Back to School Night

Carole A. Kihm, Principal, Longfellow Middle School:

1 - We have an amazing Sources of Strength program that develops peer leaders in our building

2 - We promote the success and well being of each member of our Longfellow family by “inspiring excellence” every single day.

3 - We are excited about welcoming our parents into our building for Back to School Night on Wednesday, Sept. 5.