Chinquapin Wahoos Finish Season 4-1

Chinquapin Wahoos Finish Season 4-1

Lutfi LaSida.

Lutfi LaSida. Photo by Marissa Solis

The Chinquapin Wahoos triumphed over the Broadlands Pirates 251-200 in their final meet of the regular season on Saturday, July 13. After an undefeated season last summer in the Blue Division of the Colonial Swimming League (CSL), the Wahoos moved up to the White Division and finished this summer’s season 4-1.

6 & Under Age Group: In the exhibition events, Selim Omar (35.23) came in 1st and Sawyer Blais (39.31) 2nd in the freestyle. Selim (41.71) took 2nd in backstroke.

8 & Under Age Group: Tyler Turner (18.93) dropped 1.09 seconds to take 1st, and Logan Phillips took 2nd (20.53) in the freestyle. In the backstroke, Logan (25.37) was 2nd and Tyler (26.58) 3rd. Chris Billups (26.89) and Albert McCommons (29.16) were 1-2 in the breaststroke. Logan (26.13) and Tyler (26.21) were once again 2-3 in the fly.

Chloe Fox was 1st (19.35) and Grace Wittmer 2nd (23.06) in the free, and Chloe was 2nd (23.02) in the back. In the breaststroke, Lindy Evans (30.63) placed 2nd followed closely by 3rd place Madeline Lim (30.76). Grace (25.59) and Madeline (28.03) were 2-3 in the butterfly.

9-10 Age Group: Dylan Lim (35.40) came in 1st in the freestyle and 2nd (43.90) in the backstroke. Alex Guevara (50.63) and Amir Smith (52.36) both dropped over a second to come in 1st and 3rd in the breaststroke. Dylan (18.60) finished 2nd in the fly.

Camila Zuniga (37.12) and Petra Evans (44.35) were 2-3 in the freestyle, while Camila (45.88) and Julia Davis (54.09) were 2-3 in the backstroke. Chloe Fox (1:00.29) swam up to place 2nd in the breaststroke, followed closely by Julia (1:00.78) in 3rd. Camila (18.67) and Julia (26.52) were 2-3 again in the butterfly event.

11-12 Age Group: Seamus Greiner (32.99) came in 2nd behind the CSL League Leader in the freestyle and Jack Schiefele (33.74) came in 3rd; Jack Schiefele (40.49) and Seamus (41.51) were 2-3 behind the CSL Record Holder in the back. In the breaststroke, Seamus (45.35) took 2n, and Paris Johnson (48.70) took 3rd.

Eve McLaury (31.26) dropped time to come in 1st in the freestyle followed closely by Kate Merrill (31.61) at 2nd. Eve (36.94), Kate (39.06), and Elisabeth Carroll (39.53) swept the backstroke, with Eve again dropping time. The girls swept the breaststroke as well, with Kate (42.97) at 1st, Sally Cox (45.88) in 2nd, and Margaret Merrill (48.15) in 3rd with a personal best time. Elisabeth, Sally, Margaret, and Catherine Cox teamed up in the 200 Medley Relay (200MR) with a winning time of 2:37.12 giving the Wahoos their first relay win of the day and besting their opponents by 6.87 seconds.

13-14 Age Group: Bodie Lauinger (29.51), Mikal Helms (30.46), and Jack McLaury (30.72) dominated the freestyle 1-2-3. Jack (33.49) took 2nd in the backstroke, and Jolan Foronda (34.10) took 3rd. Jolan (34.34) captured the breaststroke, with Bodie (40.49) taking 3rd. In the butterfly event, Jolan (32.03) again placed 1st, and Jack (32.67) dropped time to place 2nd. The team of Bodie, Jolan, Jack, and Mikal (2:16.11) trounced the Piranhas in the 200MR, coming in 15.68 seconds ahead of the opponent team.

Catherine Salomons (31.82) swam a personal best time for 2nd in the free and another personal best (36.36) for 2nd in the backstroke, where she was followed by Abigail Altenberg (38.52) in 3rd. Maria McLemore (43.90) came in 3rd in the breaststroke; Catherine (34.52) swam a third personal best to take 2nd in the fly. Catherine, Stephanie Rosario Flores, Eve McLaury (swimming up), and Abby Altenburg continued the relay winning streak by taking the 200MR in 2:25.92.

15-18 Age Group: Lutfi LaSida (27.27) took 1st in the free, and Will McLaury (28.11) took 3rd. Lutfi (35.06) dropped over a second to win the breaststroke and dropped time again (28.87) to triumph in the butterfly event. Will McLaury (31.90) also dropped time to come in 3rd in the fly.

Lydia Greenwood (29.71) came in 1st place in the freestyle, and Emily Andrews (34.81) and Lydia (35.39) were 1-2 in the back. Emily (41.57) took 2nd in the breaststroke, and Lydia (32.15) and Emily (33.50) were 1-2 in the butterfly event. The team of Emily, Maria McLemore (swimming up), Lydia, and Kate Merrill (swimming up) beat their opponents (2:21.41) by over 6 seconds in the 200MR.

Bodie, Dylan, Seamus, and Lutfi teamed up to take 1st place (2:08.57) by over three seconds in the boys mixed age free relay. The mixed age relay team of Catherine, Camila, Kate, and Lydia (2:11.78) outswam their opponents by 4.59 seconds.

Strong swimming from both the boys (117-105) and the girls (134-88) helped the team to their final victory of the regular season.

Next Saturday, individual Wahoos swimmers will compete in Divisionals for a spot at the All-Star Meet July 27.