ACT: The Spirit of Giving

ACT: The Spirit of Giving

Just a few weeks ago on April 10, our community came together to raise more than $2M to support 160 nonprofit organizations providing critical programs and services to Alexandrians. No wonder Alexandria is recognized as one of the most generous communities in the country.

April 10 was Spring2ACTion, Alexandria’s Giving Day, hosted by ACT for Alexandria, the community foundation. For the past nine years in April, Alexandrians have mobilized to provide resources to the organizations that make sure Alexandria is a vibrant community for all.

One might dismiss philanthropy as something that is only for the wealthy. Spring2ACTion is a chance for everyone to participate and give to a cause they care about. In fact, most donations (46 percent) were $50 or less. When many people give — $5, $10 or $25 — we can make a big difference!

Nearly a quarter of the Spring2ACTion donations were first-time donations; that means more people are seizing the opportunity to support our community. When asked why they participate, one donor said that Spring2ACTion is “a good opportunity to join with others in the spirit of giving.”

Spring2ACTion is successful because the vital community organizations that participate have compelling missions and are getting results. Spring2ACTion helps them build meaningful connections with donors — relationships that extend beyond one day of giving.

Many of the participating nonprofits, such as Nueva Vida, exceeded their fundraising goals. Nueva Vida is committed to providing culturally sensitive services for Latinas with cancer and their families. It raised more than $40,000 which will cover transportation costs, lab tests and doctor visits for cancer patients who must navigate an expensive, complicated health care system. Nueva Vida, like many nonprofits deployed creative marketing strategies to reach their goal. It hosted an all-day radiothon with La Nueva 87.7FM, reaching thousands of people throughout the region.

For some, Spring2ACTion was a vital lifeline. Local Motion Project kicked off its Spring2ACTion fundraising campaign with a 12-hour dance-a-thon and went on to raise $48,000, which was needed to remain in their dance studio and sustain their one-of-a-kind programs. Local Motion Project’s mission is to bring meaningful experiences to people’s lives through the art of dance and other movement arts. Our community would be diminished without the classes and events they offer.

ACT for Alexandria is proud to host Spring2ACTion and provide a platform for our community’s generosity. We are grateful to the nonprofits, sponsors and donors who participate and exemplify the spirit of giving.