Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Gun Violence Prevention

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Gun Violence Prevention

This is a response to an Opinion piece by Dino Drundi entitled ‘Alexandria's Designated Deplorable,’ Alexandria Gazette 11/07- 11/13. In it he states, "Del. Paul Krizek's call for common-sense gun violence prevention covers for what amounts to something verging on a broad gun ban." I am very hopeful that the incoming General Assembly will introduce a number of gun violence prevention bills because the voters demanded it. I think universal background checks, one gun a month, extreme risk protection orders and a ban on high capacity magazines will be among them. It is important to note that none of these bills would contribute to a "broad gun ban." Drudi's statement that " Women who were killed by a spouse, intimate partner, or close relative were 7 times more likely to have lived in homes with guns is a fact not part of a call for a broad gun ban.

Kevin Bergen