Dominion Energy Phone Scam Targets Arlington County Residents

Dominion Energy Phone Scam Targets Arlington County Residents

The Arlington County Police Department is warning the public about a telephone scam targeting area residents.

Residents have reported receiving unsolicited phone calls from individuals fraudulently claiming to be technicians with Dominion Energy. These individuals accuse the victims of having overdue bills which must immediately be paid, or their power will be disconnected. The caller then provides a fraudulent claim number and phone number where the funds may be paid and often requests payment using a prepaid debit or gift card.

In some cases, scammers have deliberately falsified the information transmitted to the victim’s caller ID display to disguise their identity.

Residents should not rely on their caller ID to verify the credibility of the call. Verify what you’re being told about your account by calling Dominion Energy directly at 866-366-4357. Dominion Energy does not call, text or email customers asking for their personal information. For additional fraud prevention tips, visit the Dominion Energy website at

Ways to Protect Yourself from Scams

Reduce the risk of becoming a victim of a scam by following these crime prevention tips:

Always be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls.

Be alert for any caller who requests payment over the phone through a pre-paid debit card or gift card – it’s a telltale sign of a potential scam.

Never provide money or personal information to someone with whom you don’t have ties and did not initiate contact.

Don’t use a phone number provided to you from the caller to verify their credibility.

Trust your instincts – if an unknown caller makes you uncomfortable or says things that don’t sound right, hang up.

Report Scams: If you find that you were a target or victim of a scam in Arlington County, file an online police report or call the Emergency Communications Center at 703-558-2222.