Opinion: Independent Progressive: Living Under Covid-19 – A Farmers Market Glimmer Up Ahead

Opinion: Independent Progressive: Living Under Covid-19 – A Farmers Market Glimmer Up Ahead

Here we are! Coming up on two months living in semi-quarantine and lock-down under the shadow of the Novel Coronavirus, or Covid 19 to those who’ve come to know it well. After what seems like forever quarantining, that and social distancing seem to be slowing the spread of the pathogen, and the public health system is finally getting equipped to handle its frightening overload. This is despite the blundering, constantly self-absorbed performance of No. 1. Yet, as we are about to turn the corner, he and sad puppy Pence have no sooner presented the health professionals’ plan to safely restart social and economic activity than Thing One starts blasting his tweeter. He orders his campaign brown shirts and assorted gun wielders to ignore the plan and attack those in state and local governments trying to implement it!

Many of us are choosing instead to follow the wisdom of the public health professionals. And, fortunately it is springtime and we have wonderful things to do—e.g., managing the Reston Farmers Market. Covid 19 contributed to delaying the Market’s opening (from April 25). Most area jurisdictions allowed markets to open a few weeks ago. Now Fairfax County has decided to open two markets, including the Reston Farmers Market. Operating rules to protect shoppers and vendors are still being decided. Reston’s planned opening day is May 9, they say. We expect 24 of 30 vendors will be on hand opening day. Virginia Vistas will be there with its typical amazing array of flowering plants, along with Beeswing Farm with their gorgeous cut flowers, now available online with home delivery, too! King Mushrooms returns with the best selection of mushrooms in the region. Seven of our first class produce farms will be there, including newcomer San Giovanni’s Farm featuring a wonderful array of organic micro-greens. In addition, Glascock’s, Reids and Toigo Orchards will be there with a good selection of apples, jams, cider and more.

I can almost smell the delicious baked breads, pies, croissants, pastries at the Baguette Republic, Grace’s Pastries and Valentine’s Country Meats and Bakery stands! Valentine is also in the pasture-fed meat business along with Smith Family Farm with some fine steaks, and newcomer Honey Brook Farm from Brandy Station, VA with great grass fed and finished beef, fine poultry meats and more. The best local seafood is found at Arnest Seafood with the tastiest from the Chesapeake and its tributaries. Returning favorites also include: Blue Ridge Dairy with fine artisan cheeses; Fresh Crunch with a bit of tasty pickled everything; Stallard Road Farm & Botanicals bringing honey, herb plants & herbal products; and, Zayna’s Delight featuring authentic Middle Eastern food-11 kinds of hummus, garlic sauce, pita chips and more. Opening Day-May 9 at the usual time (8 a.m. ‘til 12 noon) and usual place- parking lot at Lake Anne Village Center. However, the Market will be quite different in look and feel during the Covid 19 emergency. The layout will be spread out to facilitate social distancing. Special rules for this period will likely INCLUDE:


  • Keep at least 6 feet from other people

  • Send no more than 2 family members into the market

  • Strongly recommend everyone wear face mask of covering

  • No pets allowed

  • Do not touch products or surfaces. Let vendors bag purchases.

  • Do not linger. Complete shopping as quickly as possible.