Del. Delaney Sends 15 Bills to Virginia Senate

Del. Delaney Sends 15 Bills to Virginia Senate

Del. Karrie Delaney (D-67) has passed 15 bills through the House of Delegates which will now be up for consideration by the Virginia Senate. Her portfolio of passed legislation includes comprehensive reform and protections for survivors of sexual assault, commonsense green economy bills, and measures to protect students across the Commonwealth.

Last session, Del. Delaney called for a study on the state of forensic nursing in Virginia and introduced HB 806, HB 807, and HB 808 in response to the study results. This package of legislation addresses the challenges that survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault face as they seek to bring their abuser to justice. The joint and comprehensive approach of the legislation tackles the issue of how survivors and their insurance subscriber are notified of the medical services they received, and studying how we can reimburse medical costs associated with sexual abuse, and how we can establish a standard of care and treatment for survivors of sexual assault in the Commonwealth. The legislation also establishes guidelines for hospitals relating to transfer services and will build a framework for consistent and equitable access to forensic nursing care. All three measures passed the House of Delegates unanimously.

“I am incredibly proud of the passage of comprehensive reforms to help survivors in the Commonwealth seek the justice they deserve,” said Del. Delaney. “It is unacceptable that survivors may be turned away at a hospital because there is not a nurse on staff who can perform a rape kit, and no system to transfer them to a hospital that can perform the services they need. These bills are necessary to ensure a smooth course to justice for survivors and I applaud my colleagues for their advocacy and support.”

Del. Delaney has also been a leader in expanding access to solar energy and transitioning Virginia’s economy away from fossil fuel production. HB 414 removes current legal barriers to solar installation for homeowners living in HOAs. Additionally, she spearheaded the passage of HB 547, which establishes the Virginia Energy and Economy Transition Council. This Council comprised stakeholders representing the areas of the Commonwealth most impacted by the transition from fossil fuel and would be tasked with ensuring a smooth economic transition for communities historically reliant on fossil fuel production.

“By increasing access to renewable energy sources and working with communities across the state on economic development that works for them, we can move toward a greener future quickly and equitably,” said Del. Delaney.

Finally, Del. Delaney has successfully advocated for students by passing HB 410 and HB 415. HB 410 requires local school boards to notify parents if and when their child undergoes literacy screenings or does not meet literacy benchmarks. HB 415 asks school boards to institute policies to provide students access to graded work during and after their period of suspension.

“As a former advocate for at-risk children, I am very pleased by the passage of these measures,” said Del. Delaney. “Our future depends on our children, and I will continue to fight to make sure they have access to the best public education possible and to put an end to the school-to-prison pipeline.”

Delegate Delaney will now defend each of her 15 passed bills in the Senate. She has also worked extensively on workers’ rights, transportation, veterans services, and justice for victims of human trafficking.