Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Freedom House Purchase

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Freedom House Purchase

Congratulations to the City of Alexandria for having had the good judgment to purchase Freedom House (Jan. 9, 2020). It's one of the anchors of Alexandria's presentation of its unique role in African American history.

I think Alexandria stands apart for (at least) three features. First, the hideous history of 1315 Duke Street and the slave trade. Second, the singular role the City had during the Civil War, as an extension of the Union defenses and as a haven for freed slaves. And third, the quiet, stunning heroism of Samuel Tucker and his associates in the Library sit-in of August 1939.

There are articles, chapters, books to be written on these subjects, and Freedom House will be a locus for evidence gathering and research. One hopes it will also be a motivator in the urgent task of bringing all Americans to the realization that Reparations aren't a deferrable luxury or indulgence but rather a matter of simple Justice, simple and long-overdue Justice.

Elisabeth Vodola


Ed. note: For previous coverage of the Alexandria Slave Trade, see http://connectionarchives.com/PDF/2014/Slave%20Trader/Slave%20Trader.PDF