Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Potholes and Ruts in Alexandria

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Potholes and Ruts in Alexandria

As I drive around Old Town, I continually encounter pot holes and ruts that have emerged over the winter. There seems to be more this year, which could be attributed to poor paving practices when completing construction work. Although I have not been the victim of a blown tire (or worse] to date, I am expecting that the front end of my car may need to be readjusted at my next service.

When I broached this subject with the City Manager his response was that he didn’t agree with me. Well Mr. City Manager drive down Prince or Duke Streets or go to Del Ray on Commonwealth or just drive down any street and you will see and feel the need for a needed increase in street maintenance. I have lived in Alexandria for 35 years and there is no doubt that our streets are in poorer shape now than at any other time during that period.

I am pleased to say that Alexandria has a pot hole repair number, and they are fairly responsive to requests for help. The City also has a repaving plan for its 550 miles of roads, which plans for fifty (50) miles each year. However, this is probably insufficient for this year’s bumper crop of potholes and ruts. Hopefully the potholes and ruts will be repaired so that they do not reoccur.

I am sure that the City is overburdened this year with the pothole and rut situation. However, they need to dedicate more resources to the problem. Although it is a safety issue, it also has an unequal social effect. I can afford to replace my tires, but what about those with limited means? This is a safety and social issue that needs the city’s immediate attention.

Townsend A. “Van” Van Fleet