Pet Connection: A Story About Toby & Molly

Pet Connection: A Story About Toby & Molly

We moved to the USA from Europe in 2017 at which point dad promised me a dog once we got settled in our new home in the USA. Instead of getting a dog my mum came back from a work trip with a rescued cat from Houston at the end of Hurricane Harvey. Now, I really love Molly but she isn’t a dog that I can play with & take on walks. Then as COVID was upon us and we were all feeling sad and anxious mum & dad agreed that we could finally adopt a dog. Yeah! So the search was on & mum & I would scour through the pet shelters’ websites every night looking for the “right” dog. I think we must have applied for 1000 dogs (well maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the idea), before a kind lady at Hart Dog Rescue accepted our application and we were approved to pick up Toby who had been rescued from Alabama. We went to see him at the foster mum’s house (Miss Hanifa) and I was more nervous than going to the Principal’s office. When we got there the foster family were lovely and Toby really warmed to us. He has really helped me cope with anxiety in these COVID times and been a great addition to our family although he did get car sick on the trip to Blackwater Falls in the photo. Finally my brother and I have a pet that we can really play with and take on walks in our neighbourhood, dad has someone to sit beside him on the sofa and snore with and mum has Molly who likes to sit on her lap & watch TV. Everyone is happy.

Paddy Stevenson, 11, Fairfax Station

Approved by mum: Tracey Stevenson