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Mount Vernon: Former Owner of ‘Sub Shop’ Convicted for Arson and Insurance Fraud

A jury has convicted former Fort Belvoir-area resident Lawrence Wayne Reese, 56, of nine offenses including arson, use of fire in commission of another federal offense and multiple counts of fraud related to submission of a fraudulent insurance claim.

Business Developments in Herndon and Reston

SkyBitz, and a changing economy.

Fairfax County is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation, yet Virginia has been falling from grace on CNBC’s ‘Top States for Business’ ranking, dropping to number 12 on this year’s list.

Mount Vernon: 95 Express Lanes Schedule Adjusted for July 4

Around the Fourth of July, patriotic celebration throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area comes with heavy gridlock. To help alleviate some of the traffic into, out of and around the region for the holiday weekend, the 95 Express Lanes schedule will be adjusted, according to an Express Lanes spokesperson:

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Herndon Celebrates Completion of Station Street

Ribbon cutting at downtown Herndon street.

On Tuesday, June 16, residents of Herndon celebrated the reopening of the new and improved Station Street. Mayor Merkel, economic development manager Dennis H. Holste, Jr., former mayor Michael O'Reilly, Melissa Jonas and town councilmember Jasbinder Singh were some of the local officials who attended the ribbon cutting ceremony at the corner of Station and Center Street.

Mount Vernon: Local Farms Supply Alexandria Wegmans

Five Virginia farms are currently supplying the recently opened Wegmans grocery store in Alexandria with fresh produce. Those include:

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International Songwriters Collective Concert Held In Herndon

Music and calls for art at Hendon art gallery.

On Thursday, June 25, the International Songwriters Collective (I.S.C.) Tour made a stop at ArtSpace Herndon. Three musicians-singer songwriters are on a one-month tour: Jimmy Robinson from New Orleans, Lily Kiara from Holland, and Floatstone (born Brick de Bois) from Antwerp, Belgium.

Letter: Debacle at Patrick Henry

Letter to the Editor

Just recently the city has begun the process of rebuilding our school infrastructure. Long overdue and neglected, the first project begins with Patrick Henry School. The school dates back to the 1950s and is currently unfit for educating our youth. The city has budgeted $38.7 million for this project with no firm budget for the accompanying recreation center ($6.9-$8.2 million have been tossed around). Without adequate discussion and public hearing, the School Board and the City Council have passed the buck and moved this project forward,despite the failure of the planning board and recreation department to deliver a viable plan for the recreation center. Dissension and hesitation on the part of the School Board and City Council have permeated the discussions and we are only in the second inning of this project with 11 more to follow. An inauspicious beginning.

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Reston Area Restaurants Closing And Opening

New dining in the Reston area.

Spring brought several new restaurants to Reston Town Center, including the NEYLA Mediterranean Bistro which replaced Paulo’s Ristorante, and Barcelona Wine Bar, a Spanish tapas restaurant known for its wine list. Bartaco, a restaurant with a beachy vibe and cuisine rooted in Mexican tradition opened at 12021 Town Square St., and has received over one hundred reviews on review site Yelp.

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Herndon's Hopeologist

William Bates, Herndon High School’s principal, gave a glimpse of the inspirational power of “hopeology” on June 23 before the Board of Supervisors.

Alexandria: Best for Vets

Alexandria tops list of cities for veterans.

The Military Times has named Alexandria as the top mid-size community for veterans in its first Best for Vets: Places to Live feature article.

Letter: Winning By Listening

Letter to the Editor

Winning precincts across the city from the West End to Parkfairfax to Old Town, Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg won the primary on June 9 by a convincing plurality to become the Democratic nominee for mayor of the city of Alexandria. She defeated the incumbent mayor, Mr. Bill Euille, who has served since 2003. She also defeated the former mayor, Mr. Kerry Donley, who served as mayor eight years prior to Mayor Euille. Against a combined 20-year incumbency as well as being outraised by both candidates, Vice Mayor Silberberg pulled off an upset. She won in an old-fashioned way. She actively listened to one voter at a time with the promise to bring new energy to the table.

Alexandria: Accountability Supports My Students

Kids, like the rest of us, want to know how they’re doing. As their teacher, it is also my job to know how they’re doing. What do they know? What do they still need to learn? I hold myself accountable for my students’ growth and it is with this data that I am best able to teach them and make sure of their progress.

Alexandria: Going the Distance for City’s Children

Parks, play and promising futures.

Summer vacation season is upon us. Vacations are not just fun, but can also be important for our health. We can return from time away with a renewed sense of vigor, fresh perspectives, and increased mental acuity. A break from the daily grind can relieve stress and increase productivity in all of us.

Letter: Disheartened Residents

Letter to the Editor

It’s really disheartening to live in this wonderful city I call home and watch it slowly lose its historic charm, ambience and cache. With each and every planning decision, we are slowly becoming just like every other city. And it’s all because current decision makers apparently have little concern about anything but getting things built.

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Alexandria: Brunch Benefits Surgical Services

The Board of Lady Managers held its annual brunch on June 21 at the Union Street Public House. The brunch raised funds for the purchase of two state-of-the art neurology microscopes for Inova Alexandria Hospital Surgical Services. So far over $5,000 has been raised towards the goal of $640,000.

Alexandria People At Work: Dancing the Afternoon Away

Dancing the Afternoon Away

Shiny silver heels glide over the polished wooden floor. Today Lioudmila Blinov will review the steps of the Argentine tango with Gregory and Lindsey Bearce from Alexandria who have been dancing there since January. You can do it "slow slow slow" or "slow quick quick slow. It's what you feel." They have already been through the foxtrot and other basics. "He bought me a dance lesson as an anniversary present,” Lindsey says. "And now it's kind of like a date night sort of thing," Gregory adds.

Letter: How Not to Run A Meeting

Letter to the Editor

The other night, I attended the Old Town Area Parking Study (OTAPS) group meeting at City Hall. The meeting started off with the chairperson asking for comments from the public. I was aghast, since not one item on the agenda had even been discussed. What were the citizens in attendance going to base their comments upon? As a result, only a few citizens commented at this meeting.

Letter: Bike Lanes Revisited

Letter to the Editor

Alexandria residents on King Street (Rosemont Avenue to Janney's Lane) look out on empty bike lanes that occupy 30 percent of the roadway. A year ago parking, available to residents when they bought their homes, was removed and the roadway was narrowed two feet to accommodate these bike lanes.

Centreville: Roundups for Week of 7/1

Free Carseat Inspections Certified technicians from the Sully District Police Station will perform free, child safety carseat inspections Thursday, July 16, from 5-8:30 p.m, at the station, 4900 Stonecroft Blvd. in Chantilly. No appointment is necessary. But residents should install the child safety seats themselves so technicians may properly inspect and adjust them, as needed. Because of time constraints, only the first 35 vehicles arriving on each date will be inspected. That way, inspectors may have enough time to properly instruct the caregiver on the correct use of the child seat. Call 703-814-7000, ext. 5140, to confirm dates and times.

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Centreville: ‘Let Your Experience Shape Your Future’

Centreville High Class of 2015 graduates.

Dave Jagels has only been Centreville High’s principal since January, but he’s already become a proud Wildcat. And his feelings were evident during the school’s graduation ceremony on Tuesday, June 23, at GMU’s Patriot Center.