Alexandria Column: Calling All Seniors 60-Plus

Commentary–Senior Services of Alexandria

The Senior Academy is back for its second annual session starting on Wednesday, Sept. 7 at City Hall from 10 a.m. to noon and will continue every Wednesday through Sept. 28.

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Animal Welfare League of Alexandria: Born 70 Years Ago

Founded out of concern for local animals.

Seventy years ago this June the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria was born, and it was one of the first humane organizations in metropolitan Washington.

Alexandria Letter: Orphaned Intersection?

Letter to the Editor

If you have ever tried to move through the intersection of King and Union streets on a weekend or holiday, you most likely would comment: “It’s a zoo!”

Alexandria Letter: Re-think Decision

Letter to the Editor

The following open letter is addressed to Mayor Allison Silberberg and the City Council.

Alexandria Letter: Try ‘Quiet Fireworks’

Letter to the Editor

The New York Times recently published an article regarding the popularity of "Quiet Fireworks" in Europe.These are beautiful displays without the loud booms of traditional fireworks.

Alexandria Letter: History Matters

Letter to the Editor

Two articles caught my attention in last week’s Gazette, the first, a report on the council’s decision on the Ramsey redevelopment; the other a letter to the editor in support of maintaining the name Jefferson Highway.

Alexandria Letter: Why Concentrate Poverty?

Letter to the Editor

Your June 16 lead article, “No Vacancy,” is most disturbing. Homelessness is a problem and Bridges to Independence may be an excellent facility, but Carpenter’s Shelter is our primary concern. Your story references an expansion, a 90-100 unit expansion as guided by City Council.

From The Old Town Boutique District: Opening a Business?

Here are a few tips.

When I decided to open a retail store in Old Town Alexandria, I was looking for an opportunity to do something that I loved, be my own boss and be able to walk to work everyday with my dog.

Chantilly Letter: Celebrating Being American

Letter to the Editor

As an American Muslim, I would not partake in Easter since it is a Christian holiday.

Chantilly Letter: Reading Begins at Home

Letter to the Editor

As a current teacher, I observe children who develop literacy skills at home achieve in school. Studies show home environment has an impact on children’s beginning reading skills.

Commentary: Court of Public Opinion

Last week the Supreme Court of the United States unanimously overturned the public corruption conviction of Virginia’s former governor, Robert F. McDonnell.

Letter: What Was Founding Fathers’ Intent?

To the Editor

On this Independence Day (July 4, 2016) I am reading Paul Carlock’s letter (“Gross Misreading of the Second Amendment,” The Connection, June 29-July 5, 2016) setting forth his views on the meaning of the Second Amendment.

Letter: Focus on Wind and Solar Power

To the Editor

Virginia’s transition to clean energy is now underway. On Tuesday, June 28, Governor Terry McAuliffe issued an executive order to create a workgroup that will spend the next year determining how to reduce Virginia’s carbon emissions.

Letter: Decision Driven by Tax Base

To the Editor

Why would anyone in Great Falls be surprised at the recommendation by the planning commision (“Delays Pave Path for Approval,” Great Falls Connection, June 29--July 5, 2016)?

Letter: Protect Homeowners, and School Budget

To the Editor

Regarding John Knight's letter ("Seniors Unfairly Tapped for School Budget") in the last week’s Connection: While the sentiment is nice and I would join anyone in complaining about the burden of taxes being put on all the homeowners; in my opinion businesses and developers get away with tax breaks.