Letter: McLean Cares About ‘Green Living’

To the Editor

Your recent article (“Saving Trees while Building Houses,” McLean Connection, April 27-May 3, 2016) highlighted an important issue in McLean.

Letter: ZIKA Mosquito Farm on Your Property

To the Editor

Our neighborhood experience with a Fairfax County Stormwater Management project is nothing like the rosy picture painted by Mr. Eric Knudsen (“Stormwater Management Engages Community,” Great Falls Connection, April 20-26, 2016).

Letter: Budget Reflects Commitment to Education

To the Editor

The April 21-27, 2016 edition included an article discussing the Supervisors’ approval of a 4-cent tax increase as part of an overall budget. T

Commentary: Goal - Involving Public in Police Use of Force Review

With the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors May 10 Public Safety Committee meeting just a few days away, it is important to remember what has been discussed so far, what is on the agenda for May 10, and what will be done in the future.

Mount Vernon Letter: Condolences

Letter to the Editor

I write to the editor of the Gazette occasionally and among those letters I sometimes express a different opinion to one expressed by H. Jay Spiegel.

Mount Vernon Letter: Focus on North Hill

Letter to the Editor

Last week, I attended a meeting scheduled to discuss the current status of efforts to develop the North Hill property. An accurate summary of the history of the property to that date appeared in the Oct. 11, 2012 edition of the Gazette.

Mount Vernon Letter: More Study Needed Before Funding FCPS

Letter to the Editor

I'm responding to a letter from a leader for more taxing and spending, Supervisor Dan Storck, published in April 28, 2016 Mount Vernon Gazette regarding the county budget that includes more taxes.

Mount Vernon Column: For Better Future, Understand the Past


Olga Rozenberg. Aron Rozenberg. Pinkhas Rozenberg. Llova Rozenberg, Klara Grinberg, Shulom Litvak.

Alexandria Letter: Preserving History, More than a Month

Letter to the Editor

May is Historic Preservation month, and I want to make it a meaningful month for Preservation in Alexandria.

Tease photo

Alexandria Letter: Patrick Henry – Auditorium Matters

Letter to the Editor

Alexandria is about to make a multi-million dollar, much-needed investment in the West End to build the new Patrick Henry K-8 School and Recreation Center.

Alexandria Letter: Recipe for Disaster?

Letter to the Editor

It seems that incidents on the Metro System are on the rise, and most of them can be attributed to little to no dedicated maintenance and a poorly funded operation over the past 40 years.

Alexandria Letter: Food Trucks Not the Problem

Letter to the Editor

I am eager to see food trucks in Old Town and I think the concerns by the local businesses are two separate problems.

Alexandria Column: May Is Older Americans Month

Commentary–Senior Services of Alexandria

May is a month of fresh beginnings with flowers in bloom, blazing a trail of color around the city. May is also when we celebrate Older Americans Month by acknowledging older adults as a growing and increasingly vital part of our country.

Column: Mother’s Day in Alexandria

From Old Town Boutique District

France, India, Ethiopia, Peru, the United States — Mother’s Day is universal.

Letter: Obstacles to Continued Learning

To the Editor

Why does George Mason University, place meaningless but annoying obstacles in the path of Senior Citizens who wish to engage in mentally challenging and potentially rewarding experiences?