Alexandria Letter: Rubber Stamping

Letter to the Editor

The Planning Commission should make a grand statement and resign en masse.

Alexandria Letter: Debate Ethics

Letter to the Editor

For the second time since the recent local election, Vice Mayor Justin Wilson abetted by his five council mates and the city attorney, have all together hijacked the mayor’s ethics program, thus essentially destroying totally any real meaningful progress toward making Alexandria an ethical model.

Alexandria Letter: Paving Over Green Space

Letter to the Editor

I found out May 11 that the City of Alexandria intends to place a 52-foot-long-by-6-foot-wide Capital Bikeshare Station holding 19 bike slots, a pay center and a large sign at the corner of Powhatan and Second streets, cementing over hundreds of square feet that is currently green space.

Alexandria Letter: Pending Betrayal

Letter to the Editor

Alexandria City Public Schools’ (ACPS) pending betrayal of its students and parents: ACPS is planning on redistricting to deal with the ACPS and the City Council's poor management of the schools and failure to get developers to contribute fairly to building new schools for building their new housing units.

Alexandria Letter: Totalitarian Response

Letter to the Editor

The interaction between the city government and citizens who choose to participate in public debate has never been more debased than it has become since our last local election.

Alexandria Letter: Scorched Earth Foreseen

Letter to the Editor

Ah, the sun and warmth did burst into Alexandria today, and gave fresh illumination to the disastrous clearing of trees on the riverfront below Windmill Hill Park.

Talk to Your Teens


So much at stake as teens approach graduation and summer.

Commentary: Legal Meaning of Sex Discrimination

Recently Attorney General Mark Herring issued an official opinion at my request and the requests of others as to the meaning of sex discrimination under Virginia law.

Letter: The Price of Littering

To the Editor

Did you know $11.5 billion is spent every year to clean up litter.

Commentary: Up Close and Personal with Marie, On Her Own Terms

Using an approach called Trauma-informed Care, Cornerstones helps clients create strategies and find solutions that offer them control, choice and hope.

Letter: Meals Tax, Where Will This End?

To the Editor

"Diversified revenue," Supervisor McKay hails the tax, as though it were some kind of blessing. Hunter Mill's Hudgins describes it as a "tool" -- a hammer?

Commentary: Energy Sustainability and Resiliency in Virginia

Those who were concerned that the 2016 Energy, Sustainability and Resiliency conference sponsored by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce Foundation would be business as usual were in for a surprise.

Letter: ‘Meal Tax’ and Fiscal Responsibility

The never ending push for new revenue streams for Fairfax County with their tax and spend policies really knows no end.

Alexandria Letter: Unwise Move

Letter to the Editor

Several weeks ago, I mentioned some of the most pressing reasons why a new Metro Station should not be built in Potomac Yard.

Alexandria Letter: Diminishing Discourse

Letter to the Editor

Alexandria civic discourse is not well, and appears to be growing worse over time. Increasingly, people are comparing public meetings to an orchestra recital that consists of a cacophony of screeching tuning noises, followed by a brief minute of rehearsed music.