Letter: Keep No Stone Dust Pledge

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: My thanks go to the Connection Newspapers and Jay Spiegel for his letters to the Editor such as “Avoid Stone Dust Surface”, August 2014, for providing the information on the Off Leash Dog Area (OLDA) at the Westgrove Park.

Letter: For the Good Of All

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: In my opinion and regrettably, most politicians in Richmond or Washington, DC today — in either party — lack the leadership skills and the ability to work with others to solve problems. Most politicians today seem to prefer pointing fingers and assigning blame, instead of working cooperatively to get things done.

Letter: Record of Lowering Taxes

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: While the people in Dumfries already know about Mayor Foreman’s record, I am writing today to share it with a larger audience. That’s because the mayor recently announced that he is running for State Senate from the 36th District, which is now an open seat due to incumbent Sen. Toddy Puller’s retirement.

Column: Legislature Passes Veterans Employment Grant Program

The 2015 General Assembly session has come to a close and even with all the twists and turns I personally encountered this session it was still productive.

Column: A 2015 Legislative Summary: Part I

This is an overview of legislative highlights from the 2015 General Assembly session. Last week, I discussed the budget and some of my bills.

Letter: Citizen Group Justice for John Geer Reacts to Ad Hoc Commission

Letter to the Editor

Fairfax County needs a permanent, effective civilian oversight board that is independent of police influence, trusted by the public, supported by the board, and tasked with a broad review over all practices and policies relating to law enforcement activity.

Letter: Defend Voters

Letter to the Editor

The following is an open letter to Gov. Terry McAuliffe. Dear Governor McAuliffe, When you visited our Pre-Session Round Table Luncheon in December 2013, we in the League of Women Voters were thrilled to hear you say, “I think we should do everything we can to make voting as easy as possible in Virginia.”

Letter: Beyond Politics

Letter to the Editor

It should be obvious to Arlingtonians now, nearing the end of a very demanding winter, that a planned renovation of the water distribution system within the confines of the county is necessary.

Column: Small Step on Road to Ethics Reform in Arlington

Virginians deserve to know that their leaders are ethical and honest, both from their actions and the rules that govern those actions. For the second year in a row, the General Assembly has taken a small step in the right direction, but our Commonwealth needs real and substantive change.

Column: Cheaper and Cleaner

Under a bill passed by the General Assembly in the 2015 session and signed by the Governor, the cost of electricity in Virginia will go down next month, and the base rate of electricity will be frozen for the next five years. Critics of the “Dominion bill” seem to have not read the provisions of the legislation as it passed or do not understand it.

Column: RA Elections and Snow Gold

By the time you see this, you will have received your ballot by email or snail mail for the Reston Association Board Elections. It is really easy. All you have to do is check a maximum of three blocks once you decide who to vote for. The Association affects us all in many ways, and its leadership makes a difference.

Letter: There is No ‘Away’

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: I am dismayed by what my neighbors' put out for "trash." Yes, we all know about Goodwill, Purple Heart, various organizations that collect clothing, kitchen gadgets and other items.

Letter: Another Honor

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: With reference to the recent article about the Langley girlsn basketball team (“Langley Girls’ Basketball Team Has Bright Future,” Connection, March 4-10, 2015) I would like to point out that Lizzy Shamloo from Langley high school also received First team all region honors from the Northern Virginia Women’s basketball league.

Letter: An Inspiring Story

To the Editor

The article “Fairfax County Animal Shelter Gets Creative to Save Lives,” (Connection, February 26-March 4, 2015) inspired me by how dedicated the volunteers are to provide the best care for the animals they take in and find them a new home as soon as possible.

Letter: Breastfeeding is About Life

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: As a fairly new Virginia resident, I like reading your summaries of county and state government actions that impact us all, including the General Assembly’s crossover bills featured in your February 19-25 issue. I’d like to share one more. HB1499 protects mothers who breastfeed their babies in public; Del. Dave Albo is one of the co-patrons.