Letter to the Editor: Same Old, Same Old

I expected better. Instead of demanding the removal of impediments, large and small, that hobble the creation of wealth, the Democratic Party faithful who gathered recently in Alexandria clamored to keep the Federal trough full.

Letter to the Editor: Disappointed by Coverage

I've been a weekly reader of the Alexandria Gazette for many years. I was shocked when I saw the headline, and then read the story, titled, "Democratic Disunity", in your Jan. 19, issue.

Letter to the Editor: Losing Sight of City's History?

In reading the letter from Mr. Van Fleet, I could not help but think there will now be three projects all in the same few blocks, all large, and all at the same time.

Letter to the Editor: The Fight Begins

As we enter the first week of the new administration, Congress has made their number one priority diminishing access to health care.

Letter to the Editor: A Man of Integrity in Alexandria

I congratulate Congressman Beyer for his decision not to attend the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States.

Commentary: Nonpartisan Redistricting Needed

At the core of our Democracy we find a central figure … the vote.

Letter to the Editor: Voting Matters

I had to laugh when I read Jay Spiegel’s letter suggesting that Gerry Connolly and Don Beyer violated their oaths of office by boycotting President Trump’s inauguration.

Letter to the Editor: Praise for Mount Vernon Meeting Openness

In my letter to the Editor published in the Jan. 19 Gazette, I reported that in the meeting notice issued by Mount Vernon Supervisor Dan Storck, for the Jan. 26 meeting concerning proposed development of a portion of the Bock Farm, Supervisor Storck stated that there would be no audience participation.

Cycling Safety and Tuition Transparency in Mount Vernon


Week three saw our General Assembly in full swing and movement on many bills.

#ConnectMVD at the 30th Annual Town Meeting


It has been a privilege and honor representing the Mount Vernon District on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors these past 12 months.

Commentary: Stand with Us in Challenging Times

The mission of the Centreville Immigration Forum (CIF) is to build community acceptance and economic opportunity for new immigrants in Centreville.

Letter to the Editor: A Plea to Listen

“Disgusted and disappointed” are probably an understatement to how I feel.

Working to Protect Parks

Parklands have become increasingly popular with Montgomery County residents.

Letter to the Editor: Economic Oppoortunities

When Bob McDonnell was Governor, he named his Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling “Chief Jobs Creation Officer.”

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At the Half 2017


The 2017 session of the General Assembly that got underway on Jan. 11 is barreling ahead towards its midpoint of Feb. 7. At that midpoint, referred to as “crossover.”