Alexandria Letter: Between All or None

Letter to the Editor

This is in reference to the Letter to the Editor (April 6, 2016) entitled "Unnecessary Expense." We seem to be at the crossroads of history between "all or none."

Alexandria Letter: Calling Their Bluff

Letter to the Editor

Many years ago, an extended family member was killed in the course of a hotel robbery while she was on vacation in Florida. So, I am in the universe of people who want to see fewer guns available for criminals to access. Unfortunately, the National Rifle Association (a.k.a. NRA) doesn’t agree.

Commentary: Name Makes a Difference

Almost a year ago the Washington Business Journal carried a headline, “George Mason University sells Patriot Center naming rights.”

Commentary: On Bread and Matzah

The eight‑day festival of Passover is celebrated in the early spring, from the 15th through the 22nd of the Hebrew month of Nissan.

Letter: Firearms at the Convention?

A Change.org Petition caught national attention recently because it sought to openly carry firearms at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Centreville Letter: Terrorist Attack on Brussels

Letter to the Editor

For people in Brussels, Belgium Tuesday was like any other day. People were doing what they normally do, going to work,stopping by the coffee shops, filling gas in their cars etc. Two loud noises which turned out to be bombs, exploded at the Zaventem airport and one exploded at the metro station. These explosions claimed the lives of 30 innocent people and injuring over 200- people like you and me. Not soon after ISIS took credit for the horrific events. ISIS, as we all know, claims to be doing such things in the name of Islam.

Editorial: Award-Winning Connection Newspapers

Still striving to be the Connection to your community.

Connection Newspapers won dozens of awards from the Virginia Press Association for work done in 2015.

Commentary: Government IDs for All Virginia Residents

In August of 2014, I organized a Hispanic Town Hall Meeting in Hybla Valley. I spent the first hour going over issues with constituents.

Letter: Sweet Memories

Since 1962 the Fairfax Baskin Robbins has been a place of happiness and great delight as the go to location for families to enjoy a sweet treat or the spot where many began their first job.

Tease photo

Letter: Help Prevent Child Abuse

If you see a blue pinwheel dotting the landscape in April, we hope you will pause and think about what it represents--National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Letter: Limiting Health Care Choices

To the Editor

Recently it was announced that Aetna-Humana and Anthem-Cigna are planning to merge, which would severely limit the choices residents of the Commonwealth have when picking their healthcare provider.

Commentary: Citizens’ Ability to Know

A concern in Virginia over who was financing campaigns in the Commonwealth led the state’s largest newspapers in 1997 to create the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP).

Commentary: Is The Silver Line Bad Luck?

More seriously bad news about Metro fills our press reports again.

Letter: Required Reading

To the Editor

Tom Grubisich's account of the origins of Reston (“How You get from Carnegie Hall to Reston,” Connection, March 30-April 5, 2016) was a wonderfully written, lively piece of work that should be required reading for anyone hoping to enter journalism.

Letter: Inappropriate Use of FEMA Relief Funds

To the Editor

Your recent article "Fairfax County Schools to Apply for FEMA Relief Funds" is another example of attempting to exploit the American taxpayers.