Letter: A Price of Obamacare

Letter to the Editor

What's in a number? When someone throws out a number, what does that really mean? If someone says, for example, 250,000 people have had their insurance canceled on them in Virginia because of Obamacare, what does that mean?

Letter: Honest Like Wolf

Letter to the Editor

As a resident of eastern Fairfax County, I have been represented by Representative Frank Wolf, by Delegate Barbara Comstock, and by Supervisor John Foust.

Letter: Voting for Taxes

Letter to the Editor

Since John Foust has told us nothing about himself, I thought I would look for myself at his record. Turns out John Foust has voted or supported to raise a lot of our taxes.

Letter: Candidate Who Raises Taxes

Letter to the Editor

John Foust unlike Barbara Comstock has a love of raising taxes. John Foust hasn’t met a tax that he would not want to cut and recently said that he would raise taxes if elected to Congress. If history is any judgment of character, John Foust’s history on taxes is totally abysmal.

Letter: Questioning Ultrasound

Letter to the Editor

I have heard Barbara Comstock speak and have read her well-written campaign materials. She impresses me as bright, energetic, experienced and personable.

Letter: Hidden Record

Letter to the Editor

The recent revelations of Barbara Comstock’s failure to disclose her paid lobbyist role and income from out-of-state special interest groups are no surprise. Ms. Comstock was elected and paid to be a representative of Northern Virginians.

Letter: Earning a ‘Seat at the Table’

Letter to the Editor

I am a freshman at Langley High School and have lived in McLean my whole life. I have participated in Delegate Barbara Comstock’s Young Women’s Leadership Program for the last few years and it has been a fantastic opportunity for me.

Letter: A Common Sense Candidate

John Foust made a name for himself by serving as a Fairfax County Supervisor for the past seven years.

Preparing for Election Day, Nov. 4

Every state and local office that represents Potomac is on the ballot Nov. 4.

If residents want some choice in whom will represent them on County Council, as County Executive, in the Maryland General Assembly, now is the time to engage.

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Crashing the Parties

Marc Harrold, Libertarian; Joe Galdo, Green, run for Congress.

Marc Harrold is a self-professed creature of habit. He’s been going to the same bars and restaurants near his Fairfax home for years, where the close friends he’s made there say his great sense of humor and diverse intelligence help him “hold court” and converse easily with anyone, on any subject.

Sarvis: Warner-Gillespie Debate ‘Disappointing’

Libertarian candidate says chamber’s decision to include only major-party candidates in U.S. Senate debate a “disservice” to voters.

After a full day of campaigning at Fort Belvoir on Friday, Oct. 11, Robert Sarvis talked about his campaign for U.S. Senate, and his disappointment in not being invited to participate in Tuesday’s U.S. Senate Debate — a major televised debate hosted by The Fairfax Chamber at Capitol One’s convention center in McLean. “The Fairfax Chamber informed us that it was nothing other than ‘tradition’ to only invite major party candidates,” Sarvis said. “But this was after we formally requested an invitation, noted that over 145,000 Virginians voted for Robert Sarvis for governor in 2013, and sent them a petition signed by over 1,000 Virginians in support of a three-candidate debate.”

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Warner, Gillespie Clash in U.S. Senate Debate

Stark distinctions on same-sex marriage, immigration, abortion and healthcare.

In front of an audience of Northern Virginia business leaders, U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) and Republican challenger Ed Gillespie honed their attacks on each other during a sharp, wide-ranging debate Tuesday evening, Oct. 7.

An Economic Debate

8th Congressional District candidates differ over priorities.

Congressional candidates Don Beyer and Micah Edmond squared off last week at a forum in what could rank as one of the election season’s tamest political debates.

Waging Upstream Battle Against Mainstream Parties

Taking a Chance on an Independent.

John Saylor says with pride that he was Gwendolyn Beck’s friend long before he became her campaign manager. Like most friends in the Washington area, he’d talk politics with Beck.

Carson Runs as Libertarian

Jeffrey Carson, the 8th district’s Libertarian candidate, has an unconventional campaign.