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Lisa Kory, full-time mom, from Great Falls: "I am saying I don’t think we should do it 24/7. Between the TV, the computer, the this-and-that, I just try to limit it. I try to say an hour per day. I can’t say I do that every day, but I try. Everybody says ‘oh, you’ve got to be more with-it.’ I say, I’m as with-it as I want to be."

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Growing Up in a Virtual World

The effects of today’s technologies on the lives of teenagers.

Until recently, we didn’t know that the average teenage girl sends or receives a staggering 4,050 text messages per month. That boils down to at least one message every seven minutes during her waking hours. This is a problem, said Dr. Leonard Sax, well-known author and psychologist, not just because of the amount of time spent, but because this and other research findings show that today’s teenage girl is hyper-connected to her peers; and she is more disconnected than ever from herself.


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