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Drum Major Laura Grems directs the band at the football game.

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Langley High Band to Hold Tag Day Fundraiser, Welcomes New Band Director

On Saturday, Sept. 22, band members from Langley High School will participate in “Tag Day” throughout neighborhoods in McLean and Great Falls.


ViktorPilevin 6 days, 19 hours ago

Castle Crashers , Rampage Knights , Rogue Legacy , The Binding of Isaac - four great games (and the last two and generally iconic in its way), with each of which you can get acquainted separately. And you can see Lost Castle and get a short introductory course on all four at once.

Lost Castle is a "bagel" about the conquest of randomly generated rooms of a huge prison-dungeon. All the main attractions of the genre in place - chests, traps, "pumping", the collection of weapons, artifacts and equipment. And even the cartoon style inherent in now such friv4school games. And in the same way he does not have to deceive you - even if Lost Castle looks serious, the enemies regularly hurt you.

Your hero, having got out of prison in which he was planted by goblins, begins to gradually make his way through the rooms of the castle, on the way destroying a bunch of enemies. In the process, he collects gold, various objects and souls especially strong enemies, for which you can "pump out". Naturally, there are "bosses", and traders who accidentally meet in any room (when you just do not have money).

From Castle Crashers and Rampage Knights, the authors took the combat system. We go left and right, up and down, beat the opponents with the main attack, additional (unique for each class) and periodically use the rebootable combat "skill" - for example, the archer releases a rain of arrows in a row. You can still jump and beat in a jump.

By the way, about the classes. HaveRogue Legacy to some extent borrowed the system of inheritance. After the death of the previous hero (and die here often!) A new one comes to his place - instead of an archery girl you get a bearded warrior with a sword or, for example, a red magician with a staff. And each of them uses the savings made by the previous comrade.

It's not about money, but about "pumping." After each passage, the game counts the collected souls and offers to open something accessible from the skills that are sorted into three branches. So we improve the attack and protection, health, increase the number of things falling from the chests. And if unintended souls are destroyed or go to the next hero's call (here it is called a sacrifice), then the unlocked skills are inherited by the new character.


Sara18 14 hours, 40 minutes ago

What the authors really succeeded is in bugs. Here they are for every taste: the opponents hovering in the air, moving into the "slo-mo" goblins, not opening the passage to the next location ...

And what about the minions - the main "chip" Overlord? Developers managed to shit even here. Previously, we really could feel at the head of an entire army of small gremlins, and just for the sake of this feeling I wanted to play in Overlord . In the new part, the presence of henchmen is simply not felt. We can not command our wards, and their independent behavior they show no more intellect than opponents. The summoned creatures do not try to save their lives at all and, like toys, throw themselves into the fire, rush into the thorns, run along the fatal grass for them.

The mechanics of the recruitment of creatures has completely changed. Now our petty friends are summoned with the help of cubes falling out of special generators. They come in four colors, which corresponds to the types of minions: the brown ones are designed for frontal attack, the red ones are exploding kamikaze, the green ones are beating the enemy from behind, and the blue ones are always ready to treat you. In addition to the latter, all are completely useless in battle. They inflict very little damage, and, as we have already said, there is no difficulty in dealing with the opponents independently.

With the minions are connected and simple puzzles, designed to diversify the gameplay. Nothing really original and worthy craftsmen from Codemastersnot offered. All puzzles are constructed in the same way: there is a closed door, and you need to send one of the servants to press the button that opens it. Sometimes the task becomes more complicated: for example, a path is blocked by thorns, and it is necessary to remove them in a timely manner with the help of a lever.

Initially, we can call on two minions of each type. Subsequently, their number can be increased. Also we are allowed to put on the head of the fry different caps, which do not give absolutely no effect.

In general, the creators were not able to make a more or less sane even a system of "pumping". At the end of each massacre on the map, resources of four types fall apart (why so much?). We need to hurry - after a couple of seconds the jewels will blink and disappear. Why this attraction is not clear. On the resources we can strengthen the hero, buy new weapons, improve the minions and acquire hats. Everything happens quite linearly - there is no unique "customization" in sight. Another annoying fact is that all four points of improvement are in different points of our fortress, so that by making "upgrades", you need to kill some time to run from one of them to another. But you could connect all the possibilities in one point ...


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