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Nancy Riley holds her 16-year-old black cat Moochie for his close-up.

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Meet Best Friends of Fairfax

Fairfax City residents Talk About Their Cats, Dogs

When asked about her favorite story about her cat, Moochie, Nancy Riley of Fairfax said, “I would love to tell you about how I came to have Moochie. It was 1997, I was coming out of my friend’s house, and I came out the door and heard what sounded like a squirrel chattering at me. I then looked up and saw this really small black cat looking up at me. Being a cat person, I automatically went to pet him and he shied away. A man then came out of his house next to me and I asked if this cat belonged to anybody. He said, ‘That’s nobody’s cat. That’s a gutter cat.’ A gutter cat. He let me pet him and as I walked down the sidewalk to my car he was doing figure 8s around my feet. I opened the door to get in my car and he jumped right in. I put him on the ground and was really sorry and said, ‘I’m sorry cat but I can’t take you home, I have two large cats at home that would eat you.’ He jumped right back in my car. I decided because of his determination, I could take him home. My two other cats didn’t end up eating him and our other cat, Alfalfa, became really good buddies with Moochie. He gets his name, Moochie, because he would always steal food from the table and my daughter called him a mooch.”


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