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Tom Susco, Tim’s older brother took up running after his brother’s death, as a way to cope with his grief and to feel closer to Tim. “Tim was the runner in the family, not me.” Tom is well on his way to his goal of running at least a half-marathon in all 50 states in Tim’s memory.

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Running With Tim

10th annual Reston race to promote organ donation and brain aneurysm awareness.


Masha 1 year, 2 months ago

Rogue Legacy, the previous game in the Canadian indie studio Cellar Door Games, has paid off in the first hour of sales, gathered an armful of awards and was an example of almost perfect modern "bagel". Therefore, the new work of Canadians (and these are only two brothers) were not just waiting - people knowing were confident that we would again see something original and fascinating."> 

Full Metal Furies is not a platform roguelik like Rogue Legacy, but a cooperative beat 'em up with role-playing elements. What is already pleased - the authors do not stand still, cultivating the same bed, and mastering a new one. Of course, there is a similarity ("pixel" visual style, emphasis on uneasy, to put it mildly, battles, "pumping"), but everything is perceived freshly and in a new way.

And first of all stands out the fact that the plot in Full Metal Furies is not the last place. The plot itself seems to be simple - a detachment of "all-metal" furies, namely girls of different classes (there is a "tank" with a shield, a warrior with a hammer, a sniper and an engineer), goes to the warpath with the Titans to save the world for the glory of the fallen god Prometheus .

But the screenwriters more than once and not two surprise, forcing us, for example, to fight with the same Prometheus or with a huge talking planet. Yes, and humor, as you already understood, there is plenty. Setting itself on the brink of insanity and comedy - here and Ancient Greece with the Titans and Charon in the bargain, and travel to Babylon, into space and even into other worlds.

Characters are also registered at the level. Girls have different characters and constantly chatting among themselves, more than once making them smile. An engineer named Erin regularly pushes something unintelligible speech, for example, about the same Babylon and proto than constantly enters into a stupor sniper, do not remove the cigarette from his mouth. And the first "boss" jock Menethius ringing furies at night, boasts muscles and when you meet them as compensation offers all gym.

Clearly, there is already no "random", which was in the Rogue Legacy. All the missions that we select on the global map, both plot and side, have a clear script, a set of enemies, scripts and locations.