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The Susco family participate in a run on Moab, Utah. The goal to “Run with Tim” in all 50 states belongs to brother Tom; dad Tom, mom Nancy and other family members join in when then can.

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Running With Tim

10th annual Reston race to promote organ donation and brain aneurysm awareness.


Masha 1 year, 2 months ago

Each death occurs only through the fault of the user, and not because the character did not respond to the click. You can get confused in buttons, time after time to die because of haste, but at some point you will necessarily do everything perfectly and win a small victory. Levels are well thought out - for some, for example, you can find rhombs hanging in the air, renewing the jerk. If there are several such diamonds in the room, from the start to the finish you get, never touching the ground. Even if some new mechanics are not explained in any way, it is enough to experiment a couple of times - and everything will become clear."> 

But to get from the start of the room to the finish line is only half the battle. In the main and additional areas you can find strawberries, the receipt of which is more difficult than the usual passage. Developers constantly repeat that their collection does not affect anything, and in general they are needed only for "hatching" and bragging to their friends. Say, if you can not - just forget, do not think about it and go on. But still it is difficult to resist the opportunity to pick up the berry that hangs against the opposite wall, although it is surrounded by a multitude of thorns and in general seems unattainable. Yes, you'll spend a few minutes on it and increase the death meter by a couple of dozen, but did not give up. By the way, strawberries are not so useless, but to their true destination you will guess yourself.

After passing through each chapter, a list of missed berries appears in the menu with the possibility to start the passage from a certain control point, which is very convenient for collecting all collectible items. But the strawberry business is not limited - at all stages of the cassette, unlocking the "side B" at each level. These are new rooms with much more difficult puzzles, requiring skill and the ideal use of gameplay mechanics. And from the hardcore, but available to many platformer Celeste turns into a zubodrobitelno complex game, with which for the most complete passage to be held for at least another ten hours. And die a few thousand more times, of course.

There is also absolutely the opposite of the above regime. If the game seems too difficult and such platformers annoy you, but you want to see the history of Madeline, the menu at any time allows you to turn on the simplified mode and change its settings - increase the heroin's endurance capacity, reduce the speed or even make the character immortal. The authors do not impose these simplifications and recommend that they pass Celeste without them, but at the same time they understand that all the players are different and far from everyone will be interested to die again and again and after all, do not try to achieve anything after hundreds of attempts. Fans of this genre will not even come to the head to get into this menu, and the rest are offered a helping hand - all remain in the win.