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LINK Strategic Partners president, Michael Akin and his wife, Wendi, stopped by the PetConnect Rescue table to see the dogs and talk to volunteers. Akin, an ardent supporter, and his company, designed PetConnect’s new brochure, shown here.

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Connecting pets with tennis tournament crowds.


Masha 4 years, 9 months ago

In addition, the game has a fairly large layer of mechanics, little effect on what is happening. For example, staff - there are clerical employees, there is a crew of locomotives, various employees of an auxiliary level (the same spies or security guards). But if you do not give them the proper attention (that's still microcontrolling), then nothing particularly terrible will happen - it is quite realistic to build a successful business without fuss with every machinist or conductor.

Railway Empire turned out to be very "casual", as if specially designed only for beginners. However, the unfriendly interface, bugs and toothlessness of opponents lead to the fact that it is necessary to get comfortable with what is happening on the screen, as boredom falls. Much could be forgiven, whether in the multiplayer game. But it, as you know, no. And, judging by the information from the developers, it is not planned at all. You can go campaign and scripts, play a couple of times in free mode ... and that's all - on this interest in strategy fades. The sentence for the representative of the genre, where replayability is incredibly important.">

Pros: perfectly passed the spirit of the era of development of the Wild West; the game will be a good start for those who want to get acquainted with the genre.

Cons: strange implementation of arrows and semaphores; the lack of a network game; simplification in everything; inconvenient interface; scanty statistics.


ViktorPilevin 4 years, 9 months ago

A simple formula works at the expense of a variety of maps, each of which offers unique ways of punishing people. That group falls on moving trucks, on the roofs of which it is dangerous to stand because of road signs. That the characters are on a flying airship and almost slip from it, because of which the danger of dying increases. One of the funniest locations is the metro, where you need to push each other under a passing train.

Each match quickly turns into chaos: everyone splits each other on the head, jumps, faints, someone pulls someone aside. The man falling from the cliff suddenly wakes up and grabs his hands against the wall, trying to climb up, and then comes to his abuser and cuts him in revenge. Some maps have destructible objects like fences, boards and windows, which adds more opportunities in combat, but at the same time makes the duel more dangerous.

Unfortunately, all this works more or less well only in local multiplayer. Online servers Gang Beasts correctly do not function even a week after the release. Whichever mode you run, you will constantly encounter a delay in the input, because of which it is almost impossible to play normally. When the character makes a jump a half seconds after pressing the corresponding button, it becomes difficult to enjoy the matches. The same happens with strokes, and for some pressing the game generally refuses to respond.

This is true for all modes, which in the game is catastrophically small. There is an ordinary battle to the death and a team version of it - in them you probably spend the most time. I did not manage to play football, because every time I started it, my opponent and I stood still. But chasing the ball and scoring goals is still not as exciting as simply beating each other and throwing off the cliff.