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“I love Lucy.’ That was the refrain uttered by most admirers as they held this little one-year-old beagle-mix. She charmed everyone with her kind eyes and friendly manner.

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Connecting pets with tennis tournament crowds.


Masha 4 years, 9 months ago

And then there was the Civil War in time, during which the trains played not the least role. The possibility of rapid transfer of troops and resources was very important, which also influenced the development of this type of transport. It was not without amusing episodes associated with the railway in this war: here and the first armored trains. and the Great Steam Race. Finally, in 1869, the creation of the first transcontinental railway linking the West Coast to the central and eastern regions of the country was completed, which provided a huge jump in the economy of the entire state.">

In short, the time was fun. Ironically, the spirit of this great era in the game is felt to the fullest, despite a rather specific genre, not having such a dive. It can be seen that the cities grow and fall into decay precisely due to the actions of the player and his computer opponents, for the sake of profit, the owners of the companies can do everything, and the creation of an efficient transport system means a lot for the economy of the whole country. This is especially noticeable during the campaign, which at the same time represents the teaching of the basics of the game.


ViktorPilevin 4 years, 9 months ago

So, anyway, it seems, when you once again in a circle collect key fragments of Colin's memory and activate in the mini-game (now this is a variation on the theme "three in a row") important core memories to go on. Yes, it is diluted with arcade inserts in the style of QTE and excellent humor (one parody of "Godfather" at the airport is worth it!), But nevertheless the feeling of tightness does not leave.

In addition, it begins to seem that you have already figured out the main intrigue of this story. After all, in Finding Paradise, we move around the patient's memories not in strict chronological order, corresponding to different periods of his life, but interspersed, jumping, for example, from early childhood into old age or maturity and back again. So we immediately see a more complete picture of Colin's life and roughly understand what everything seems to be going to.

Laughter and drama

However, the gun, which shoots in the second act, turns everything upside down. You begin to understand that without the long first chapter, the effect would not have turned out so strong.

And everything has ceased to be so banal. Especially since Kana Gao's fantasy is revealed on the new - here and horror, and some parodic arcade inserts in the spirit of Japanese RPG, fighting games and scrolling. Humor in Finding Paradise in general at times more than in To the Moon. Plus some purely gikovskie jokes, references to the "Godfather", then to superhero comic books with the breaking of the "fourth wall".

All this, as they say, dilutes suspense, makes history, on the one hand, less concentrated on tears and drama, and on the other - more diverse. But in any case, the final still makes you experience a shock - perhaps not so strong, turning the soul inside out, as in To the Moon, but more conscious, subtle and adult in nature.