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Alicia Ward, 55, membership chairman at the North Springfield Swim Club gestures towards the pool Tuesday, Aug. 8 in Springfield.

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A Hidden Gem of Springfield


Masha 2 years, 1 month ago

In the game there are also their luteboxes, which, fortunately, do not let go for real money, but they are given out for victories in battles. From the containers fall out the elements for the design of your profile - avatar and signature. As they say, whatever the child may have been enjoying ...

Another disadvantage in the treasury of the game is the lack of Russification. At one time, the first Dissidia was one of the few games on the PSP, which received official transfer to the great and mighty; it's a pity that this tradition was not continued.">

Is Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT and a couple of advantages. Firstly, it is still beautiful, especially in the menu of choice of characters and in the rollers, representing callous beings. Another question is that after a n-th number of times the screensaver will have time to bother you. Another game has an excellent soundtrack, assembled from familiar melodies to the fans of the "finals".


Masha 2 years, 1 month ago

Despite the long journey from slot machines to PS4, Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT still seems empty and unfinished. It does not have a full story campaign, but there are inconvenient and confused battles. I would not recommend this game even to fans of the series - no fan service is worth the time that you will spend in search of other players.

Pros: nice music; fan service in all fields.

Cons: the very idea of the battles is three by three and that is the Eurasian on the map that it gives birth to.


ViktorPilevin 2 years, 1 month ago

Yes, and these levels are not enough - you can go all through a couple of evenings. Strongly, it is necessary to rack your brains except in the last ten rooms, where it is often more important not even to build a strong bridge in the way of loaders, but to control the way of cubes and energy spheres in order to open the necessary doors with their help. Another sad fact - most levels have a single way of passing.

It is noticeable that the developers tried to please all the fans of the series. Then you and the design is completely in the spirit of the original (some just wonderful "cardboard" little men of that are), and branded black humor. Finally, GLaDOS is voiced by the same Ellen McLain, whose voice is known to everyone who is somehow familiar with Portal. Nevertheless, consider Bridge Constructor Portal as a full-fledged game in this rich universe, of course, impossible. Remove all references to Aperture Science and the accompanying entourage - little will change.

Discontent of those who were waiting for the announcement of the "real" Portal, and in return received a simple arcade based on the motives, it is understandable. Of course, it is strange to demand a special depth from such a genre, but Valve's solution looks as strange as the franchise.