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SYA Vice President Jeff Stein, Soccer Award winners Cathy McCormick and Mary Beth Hazelgrove, and President Gary Flather. (Not present: Jose Aunon.)

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Sara18 4 years ago

The plot line, despite the more than predictable resolution of the main intrigue, was a success. Detective investigations, travel to memories, shocking "revelations" - the writers Bethesdatook a lesson from the third part and created a rather interesting story. However, after passing, serious questions remain to the motivation and meaning of the actions of some actors, and a couple of episodes, such as examining the past of a man on the remains of his brain, give a naive pseudo-scientific.

But the most interesting begins when the traditional task for Fallout "to find something or someone" (in this case a child) gradually flows into a global conflict between several factions: the Institute, the Brotherhood of Steel, Podzemka and the minutemen . Each of them has its own views on the world order and the future of mankind. We are free to choose which of them to join.

Our actions have a real effect on the dialogue with these or other characters. So, we can either honestly move along the career ladder only one of the organizations, or unprincipledly work for each of the factions, or spy on, for example, handing over all the information obtained within the walls of the Institute and the Brotherhood of Steel. One way or another, one can not sit on all the chairs: in the end, you will have to make a series of complex moral choices, after which there is only one desire - to go through the game again and find out what unrealized opportunities were left behind the scenes. The friv">fireboy and watergirl games choice is always there, no one tells you which side of the main conflict to stand up, who to help and what to do. You can even shoot the most important plot character - the game will not stop, but carefully update the task log.

The consequences of actions will not keep you waiting. Bring the healing mutant to the mutant scientist - in a few days he will become a person. Give the reporter from Diamond City a detailed interview about his life - wait for publication. Local residents discuss the latest developments in the world, remember your exploits, sleep at night in their houses, and in the morning they go to work. The world lives its own life and constantly reacts to the player.


Sara18 4 years ago

Still, the behavior of the NPC is not completely spelled out, which sometimes causes annoying situations that destroy the credibility and realism of what is happening. So, one day my hero had to meet with the agent of the Institute - the hated "Brotherhood of Steel" faction to get the quest. However, the agent could not give me the job, because he was very enthusiastic about the shootout of the landing of the Brotherhood for some reason that landed on the site of our meeting. Nobody could win for ten minutes, so I had to destroy the friendly to me warrior from the "Brotherhood of Steel", which I was part of. The most amazing thing was not even that the fighter did not try to resist me and stuck the shots in my head all the way to death, but the fact that Paladin Dance, the "brother" accompanying me, a man of duty and honor, ready to give his life for his faction, after my "betrayal" said something like: "Take his things. They will no longer need this creature. "

Such cases are not at all horrible in themselves, but spoil the atmosphere. NPCs can aim aimlessly at the trees, shouting: "For victory!" Characters crash into each other and block the road, they wonder where during the dialogues they stumble on chairs, like insurmountable obstacles. From the notorious shepherd I got rid of after the first walk - I could not look at the disgusting animation. Benefit for the role of a single companion in the course of passage there are more than a dozen applicants.

Friends are very useful. They not only quite productively destroy the enemies, but they can also earn extra money by dragging the horse, carrying some of our provisions. They can not die, which again grieves a little on the background of the realism of the second part. But with them you can develop relationships - by doing these or other actions, we will win sympathy or, conversely, fall in their eyes, opening new dialogue options. So, having done a bunch of good deeds, I was able to embrace the big man Dance ...


sunnyydv12 2 years, 10 months ago

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