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Bonnie Hobbs' Kid Fest

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These children are playing a fishing game.


ViktorPilevin 1 month, 1 week ago

The game is constantly challenging, and artifacts and potions warm it up with unexpected effects. And you can also use the services of three released cellmates. The smith, with each new passage, supplies a new weapon (including the most unexpected - to take at least a sword in the form of a huge fish), the thief provides a free chest with various useful items, the healer cooks for you everything. They are even allowed to "pump" to get even more of that, and the other, and the third.

Similar "bagels", like Lost Castle , today are a dime a dozen. And it is clear that their authors are most often just forced to use the ideas of their colleagues. In this case, it turned out a cocktail immediately from several jogos friv games. But he came out so vigorous and quality (although a couple more ingredients would not hurt), that scold developers do not want.

Pros: an exciting gameplay; increased but challenging complexity; convenient and effective combat system; an interesting role-playing system with the use of souls and the transition of skills from one hero to the next; variety of subjects; bright and strong "bosses"; nice graphics. Cons: few classes; the game is short enough.


Sara18 1 month ago

City of Eternal Night The big-big city of the new Need for Speed offers an almost seamless gameplay. Have arrived (or teleported) to the place of arrival - and drive along the same streets without restrictions from invisible walls; most importantly, checkpoints do not miss. The areas here are large and varied: from "downtown" with skyscrapers to mountainous suburbs, - the scale is much larger than in Rivals , as the developers promised. The dynamics look very nice, and a significant part of the beauty is based on the correct lighting, rain, smoke and glare in the right place. The same applies to cars.

Alas, in the city we are faced with an almost complete lack of traffic - computer-controlled machines appear on the way only from time to time. The same thing happens with the police - you can hardly find them on the map. And even if you find, you will go too easily. While tasks on the branch of violations require a five-minute chase. As a result, you have to specifically reset the speed and wait for low-power cops to catch up with your Chevrolet.

To have less temptation to teleport, along the back streets of Ventura Bay, beautiful places, free parts and zones for "donuts" (not for food, but for tricks that leave on the asphalt circles of burnt rubber) are scattered. But first of all compensate for the lack of artificial intelligence should live people who ride simultaneously with you. They can be challenged at the time of travel nearby, choosing one of the four types of races. However, a presentiment suggests that real gamers will have to be searched, as in the last part, because the platform for racing has become larger. Also, the "all in one card" approach means a permanent connection to the Web, that is, in the case of consoles, you will need a subscription to PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold. We will add: the button of a pause again was not delivered, well and sometimes servers serve. It's good that there were almost no real problems with "departures".


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