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Desegregation Ruling in Bucknell Continues to have National Impact

Historical marker approved to commemorate “Sullivan v. Little Hunting Park, Inc.”

Desegregation ruling

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Snakeheads Are Thriving in Area Waters

Snakeheads taste like a tender pork chop, some say.

They lurk in the murky, sluggish shallows, their elongated bodies and splotchy, brown skin camouflaged in the shoreline’s woody detritus and dense vegetation.

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New Law Could Help Save Turtles

Wild turtles need protection; enjoy them by seeing them, but leave them be.

From scratchy ancient petroglyphs to the children’s book heroine, Myrtle the turtle, to fictional superheroes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, turtles have long fascinated people.

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