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Opinion: Commentary: The New Redistricting Process Begins

With the approval of Amendment #1 by 66% of Virginia voters at the ballot box last month, the new redistricting process is now underway and the map-drawing is shifted to a 16-member bipartisan commission.

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Opinion: Commentary: Economy May Be Rebounding

This week, I virtually attended our second Appropriations meeting since we adjourned the April General Assembly reconvene session.

Opinion: Commentary: Historic Federal Infrastructure Bill

Many benefits coming to Virginia

Exciting news came from our nation’s capital this week as the bipartisan $1 trillion Infrastructure Bill, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021, is poised for final passage in Congress.

Opinion: Commentary: Budget Passed

Enormous number of measures baked into budget to address critical needs in an unprecedented year

The 2021 session of the Virginia General Assembly came to a close on Monday, March 1st, which really concluded with a long twelve hours on the floor Saturday that included the final passage of the Budget bill, and tax conformity legislation that set a critical $100,000 threshold for PPP expense deductibility for 2020 for all businesses in the Commonwealth.

Opinion: Commentary: Paid Sick Leave

The safest way to avoid COVID-19 right now is to stay apart, especially if we are sick, even just a little sick.

Opinion: Commentary: Last Week of Session


Opinion: Commentary: Domestic Violence Awareness Month in a Pandemic

It is less than a month before a Presidential election which looks to have historical turnout and only three more months left in this awful year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Opinion: Commentary: Adult Use of Cannabis Now Legal in Virginia

On Thursday, July 1st, simple possession of marijuana will become legal for adults 21 and over in Virginia.

Opinion: Commentary: New Voting Laws

With the primaries now behind us it is not too soon to turn our attention to the General Election on Nov. 3 and Virginia’s new voting laws that will go into effect on July 1st.

Opinion: Commentary: Reforecasted Budget Progressing

The General Assembly is meeting virtually this week and next week in a special session necessary to revise the budget due to the pandemic and the need to implement election law changes in time to take effect prior to the November general election.

Opinion: Commentary: Legislating in the Time of COVID-19

This week, I returned with my colleagues to Richmond to revise the Commonwealth’s budget in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, pass pandemic-related legislation, and to address the twin issues of racial inequity and police reform.

Opinion: Commentary: Taking Out the Trash

In April, 82 volunteers picked up 126 bags of trash, 8 tires, and nearly 2,000 pounds of bulk trash along Little Hunting Creek at ten different sites.

One of the rites of spring in Mount Vernon is our annual creek and community clean-ups.

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Opinion: Commentary: Krizek Endorses Sen. Jennifer McClellan for Governor

Spring has finally sprung, and that means that the 2021 campaign season is now in full swing!

Opinion: Commentary: Hurricane Preparedness

How to get your family ready for an emergency

Nothing can be more damaging and frightening than being in the path of a hurricane.

Opinion: Commentary: Special Session 2 Begins

The General Assembly will allocate the nearly $4.3 billion Virginia has received from the federal economic stimulus bill.

On Monday Aug. 2, the General Assembly gaveled in for a two week “2021 Special Session 2” called by Gov. Ralph Northam for the purpose of allocating the nearly $4.3 billion Virginia has received from the federal economic stimulus bill — the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) that passed the U.S. House of Representatives and was signed into law by President Biden on March 11.

Opinion: Commentary: Have You Filled Out Your Census?

I am sure, and certainly hope, that you have heard a lot about the decennial census in the last few months, not only from my office but from many sources. I have some good news if you have not yet completed your census: the original July 31, 2020 deadline has been extended three months to give you even more time to fill it out and get counted!

Opinion: Commentary: Virginia Primary Election Results

Last Tuesday the Virginia Democratic party held its primary election, whose winners are now the Democratic nominees for the statewide offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General.

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Opinion: Commentary: One Year Later: Covid and Vaccine Update

It’s been one year since the Commonwealth and the nation locked down with the first restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, and when we learned only that to do everything possible to save lives it was necessary to wear a mask and even better, to stay isolated from each other.