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Opinion: Commentary: More Work Left to be Done


Opinion: Commentary: Special Session on Gun Violence


Opinion: Commentary: Prekindergarten


Opinion: Commentary: Skepticism on Casino Gaming in Virginia


Opinion: Commentary: Facial Recognition as a Legislative Issue

One of the side-effects of the global pandemic and the resulting quarantine has been the difficulty of recognizing others after months of not seeing each other in person.

Opinion: Commentary: Keep History from Repeating Itself

So traumatizing were the colonists’ experiences with King George as a strong executive that the Declaration of Independence is filled with grievances against him, and the writers of the first state constitution in Virginia limited the governor’s term to one year with a maximum of three terms.

Opinion: Commentary: Not Over Until It Is Over in Virginia

Hundreds of new laws went into effect last Wednesday. A total of 1,289 new laws passed the General Assembly in its regular session in January and February and were signed into law by Governor Ralph Northam.

Opinion: Commentary: Defund the Police: Oversimplifying a Complex Issue

’Defund the Police’ slogan in response to the real problems in policing may inhibit progress towards reform.

Communications experts advise that a message needs to be short and punchy to convey its intended meaning in a short period of time.

Opinion: Commentary: Time for Further Evolution in Virginia


Opinion: Commentary: A Tale of Two Houses


Opinion: Commentary: Purpose of a Corporation


Opinion: Commentary: An Amazing Year

With more than two months remaining in 2020, I can already say that it has been an amazing year in Virginia’s history.

Opinion: Commentary: COVID Relief

The General Assembly is meeting this week and possibly a few days next week to appropriate the federal COVID-Relief fund made available through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Opinion: Commentary: Insurrection

Last Thursday’s one-word headline in the Richmond Times Dispatch was in such a large font that it extended across the entire width of the newspaper: INSURRECTION.

Opinion: Commentary: And They Are Off!

Inevitably someone is going to refer to the nominating contests for candidates for the Virginia statewide offices and the House of Delegates as horse races—not because of the characteristics of any of the candidates but because of the crowded field of persons who are offering themselves for public office.

Opinion: Commentary: The Glory That Was Greece


Opinion: Commentary: The Biggest Lesson One May Ever Learn


Opinion: Commentary: The First Great Depression


Opinion: Commentary: Back in Richmond


Opinion: Commentary: Cleaning Up the Code