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EagleForce Warrior Foundation Donates $30K

Funds launch Capital Caring Health's ‘So No One Dies Alone Program.’

The local nonprofit provider of elder health, hospice and advanced illness care, Capital Caring Health, received a $30K donation from EagleForce Warrior Foundation to launch the provider's 'So No One Dies Alone Program' for Veterans from Northern Virginia and nearby areas and their families.

Crime Report: Mount Vernon


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‘No Accountability, No Guts, No Leadership’ in Centreville

Residents decry Fairfax County’s lack of action on Route 28 Bypass project.

Imagine your neighbor decided to build a second garage and use your side yard for its driveway.

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A Bank with a Community Heart in Reston

Top small business lender expands footprint to Reston Transit Area.


Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Privatize Alexandria’s Public Works Department?

Alexandria’s public works department, T&ES, is a force unto itself. Responsible for streets and sewers primarily, it’s disconnected from the public which pays its salaries and funds its projects. It's time for our city council to privatize this organization.

Opinion: Column: "My Thoughts to Your Thoughts"

You know the expression: "Can't walk and chew gum at the same time,” a disparaging characterization of a person, company or municipality unable to multi-task or even task at all?

Opinion: Column: Progress, I Guess?

I received in the mail today what, in the sales/marketing world, we'd call a "pre-approach" letter.

Opinion: Column: Nearly Nicked

Recently, I made the mistake of clicking on an email from an unfamiliar sender.

Opinion: Column: A Question of Time

Let us presume, for the sake of this column, that I only have papillary thyroid cancer stage IV, and that my years as a non small cell lung cancer patient, also stage IV, are over.

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Stories of Addiction, Pain and Loss in Arlington

Lovitt leads opioid crusade after loss of brother.


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Postal Worker Rescues Elderly Man on Her Route in Arlington

“If you see something, say something.”


Opinion: Column: As Second Opinions Go...

...it was first rate.

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Singular Opportunity Awaits in Fairfax City

World premiere of Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company’s “What Problem?” at Center for the Arts