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Great Falls Resident’s ‘Most Exciting Job’

Richard Cogan reflects on his contribution to the Apollo 11 mission.


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The Other Alexandria: He Believed In the Constitution: Reverend Fields Cook

Reverend Fields Cook engaged in so many areas of endeavor during his lifetime that it would be impossible to write a short article on all the things he accomplished. His struggles became his strengths

He was born a slave in King Williams County, Virginia around 1817, and was author of the 1847 unpublished memoir, “Fields’ Observations.”

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Cappies Review: A Heart-melting Love Story

Fairfax High School presents ‘Good Afternoon, Angel.’

Living life virtually has been hard to grasp, as has been adapting to the struggles of quarantine.

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The Other Alexandria: His Name Lives On – Charles Hamilton Houston

Before 1965, Alexandria, Va. had separate schools for African Americans in the Alexandria school system.

Opinion: Commentary: More Work Needed to Stop Unrepresentative Districts


Opinion: Commentary: More Work Needed to Stop Unrepresentative Districts


Existing Law Is Adequate

Existing Law Is Adequate

Life and Struggles after Roe

Delegate Kenneth R. “Ken” Plum

The history of our country has been one of ever-evolving rights and freedom to fulfill the promises contained in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Ewing Resigns from Fairfax County Library Board

Trustee Rosenthal apologizes for disruption.

Two members of the Fairfax County Library Board of Trustees, Phil Rosenthal, Springfield District Representative and Darren Ewing, Dranesville District Representative, made statements during the July 29 public meeting of the Fairfax County Library Board Trustees that caused the public, organizations, and top County leaders to voice concern.

History: Alexandria

The Office of Historic Alexandria announced the installation of two new panels commemorating the Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court decision legalizing interracial marriage throughout the United States, and the Law Firm of Cohen, Cohen, and Hirschkop, which represented the Lovings.

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Obituary: Bernard ‘Bernie’ Cohen

Trailblazing attorney dies at 86

In 1963, Bernie Cohen was barely out of law school, practicing on King Street in Alexandria and doing pro bono work for the American Civil Liberties Union.

The Heart of the Highway in Mount Vernon

Tribute to Anne Andrews 1931 - 2021

Anne Andrews

Twelve Candidates Run in Town of Herndon Election

Candidates Discuss Their Priorities

As of Aug. 10, 2020, twelve candidates qualified to run in the Nov. 3, Fairfax County, Town of Herndon, General Election for Member Town Council – Herndon, and Mayor – Herndon, according to the Virginia Department of Elections.