Bob_Bruhns 1 year, 9 months ago

The $6 Billion construction cost for Dulles Rail (also known as the Silver Line) appears to be about two times what it should cost - BEFORE the finance charges! If you can not believe that costs could possibly be two times what they should be, take a look at the US DOT Inspector General's report on MWAA. He reports that MWAA was FUNNELING contracts to a mysterious "Contractor A" at 1.3 to 3.3 times what other contractors charged for the same work. That's not a typo - 1.3 to 3.3 times what other contractors charged for the same work.

Here is a report on the double pricing that runs all through the Dulles Rail / Silver Line Metrorail project.

There are other problems with this project as well - the Dulles Toll Road can not support the tolls that are planned, meaning that the excessive cost of this project will wind up pushed onto taxpayers - probably local county taxpayers. But first, our so-called 'leaders' will let the tolls skyrocket until tens of thousands of drivers avoid the usurious tolls and jam the side roads like we have never seen them jammed.

Meanwhile, the DC Metro / WMATA system itself needs $13.1 Billion dollars for its deferred maintenance and Capital Needs, and this new rail line puts so much pressure on the bottleneck tunnel at Rosslyn that some other solution will soon be necessary there. Will money fall out of the sky to pay for that? I don't think so! And the latest surprise is that the train probably can't stop and reverse direction at the Stadium Armory as had been planned - for how many years now? "Oh gee, we didn't think about that." Great planning, that.

Find ' No Toll Increase ' and sign their petition. Then contact your elected representatives and tell them in no uncertain terms to call out the price estimators for this Metrorail job and demand that they explain and justify their sky-high cost estimates, NOW.

Then do a websearch on ' Terry Maynard Reston 2020 ' and read his reports about the flaws in the financing of this rail job. He has been reporting for a long time that the tolls aren't going to work!

Also do a websearch on ' Rob Whitfield Thomas Cranmer Dulles Corridor Users Group ' and read what they say about the whole mess - they have been reporting on the excessive tolls, and the nightmare that Metro is about to bring to us, for a long time.

The news media has been very remiss in reporting only what they are handed in 'press kit' news releases. This Connection article shows a trend in the opposite direction, and I for one hope it continues. The story is a nightmare, and it is time to stop this ripoff before IT stops US!


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