Taylor Gurunlian

Seattle, Washington

  • Gender: M
  • Hometown: Seattle, Washington
  • Location: Fairfax, Virginia
  • Occupation: Student


Right now in my life I'm just trying to finish up college in two years. My major is photography and I deeply desire to become a professional sports photographer for any newspaper that's willing to hire me. I have a keen eye for great photos, I also try to make all of my photos as crisp and in focus as possible. Thankfully, I have been given an opportunity to take photos for www.thesportsfannetwork.com as part of my sports photography internship. My boss, the editor-in-chief of the website or at least the northern virginia portion of the website directed me to take photos of high school basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and baseball in and around Fairfax, VA since that's where I live. I hope to get a sports photography internship at the Fairfax Connection to start off my photography career. My dream job is to work for the Seattle Times because of their great reputation, great photographers, and because I was born in Seattle and I feel as if that's where I belong if I am fortunate enough to get a job there if I am fortunate enough to get an internship at the Fairfax Connection before that.


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