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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Spoilers : We’re back with game of thrones season 7 episode 3 live streaming info. Oh! Everyone was already happy for episode 3 before it even telecasted. The reason, Lord Commander Jon Snow is back! And he’s not going to go soft on those against him. SerAlliser, Olly and all the other mutineers are hanged. Furthermore, Jon has renounced his oath and has put Edd as the new Lord Commander, which means, not only Jon is back, but he is going to be back in the game as well. With Sansa heading towards him, it seems inevitable that we’re finally going to see Jon and Ramsay face to face. Though what would be interesting is how Jon would gather an army large enough to fight against the Bolton Army as right now most of the houses seems to be on Ramsay’s game of thrones season 7 episode 2 predictions and spoilers.
Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Spoilers & Live Streaming Info

Samwell Tarly, Gilly and her baby boy are on their way to Oldtown. Sam tells that he will leave Gilly and her son at his home in Hornhill while he continues his journey. It is the first time we saw them in season 6. If you recall, Sam was last bidding farewell to Jon to study in Citadel. Sam’s character’s been not of much significance except for some trivial points. But once his study as a Maester is complete, he will have an important part to play against the White Walker Army.


Bran Trains

Bran’s training continues in this episode as well. This time he sees his young father along with Lord Howland Reed (Gogen’s father) fighting against Ser Arthur Dayne and killing him. It must be noted that Bran is basically being trained to fight against the walkers. This means all the backstory that he is going to reveal in the season are in some way or the other related to that task. Though the picture seems a bit unclear now, these story certainly tell us a lot about the past that we didn’t already know.check out the most exciting season 7 game of thrones release date info.


Khaleesi and Dosh Khaleen

We saw Daenarys being sent to Dosh Khaleen on Khal Moro’s orders. It is a place where all the Khal’s widows live. The basic characteristic of our beloved Khaleesi is not the way she rules the people but how she cares for them. Although far from Mereen she still has care for all the women living in Dosh Khaleen and Khal Moro seems pretty much clueless about what she is capable of.


Mereen and the Slaver’s Bay

We saw Tyrion releasing the Dragons in last episode on hearing the news of Astapor, Volantis and Yunkai returning back to slavery. In this episode Varys also comes to know that the Sons of Harpy, the golden masked rascals which have been quite a pain for some time are actually financed by the Masters of these cities.This means to bring things in order, Tyrion needs to handle these masters.


King’s Landing

Things don’t seem to settle anytime soon in King’s landing, even in the third episode, we do not see the High Sparrow a bit less of a polite badass even when he’s talking to the king himself. While on the other hand, Jaimie and Cersei are trying to take the control back and this time we seem them interrupting the small council. But being shunned by the whole council suggests that things are still tough for the Lannister Twins.Flash game of thrones season 7 episode 1 air date is out already


Arya the No-One

The Waif seems to be enjoying beating Arya now. Arya’s rigorous training continues in this episode as well. But this episode has something good for her. Jaqen finally returns her vision which mean she can now at least see who she needs to fight. She has also finally accepted herself as no-one which is a pretty good news as this means we can soon see her as the next faceless assassin.


Gift for Ramsay

In Winterfell Lord Umber seeks Ramsay’s help against the wildlings and in return, he has a gift for him. He presents Ramsay with Shaggydog’s head who was Rickon Stark’s pet direwolf. He has also captured Osha and Rickon as well which means Ramsay has a hand above Jon in the battle to come.

As a whole, episode three started off on a good note and ending on a saddening one. The villains in the show seem to be stronger while the ultimate villains, The White Wlakers, are nowhere to be seen. For more updates about Game of Thrones season 6 or the upcoming seasons, keep following us.
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