Road Projects Take Step Forward

Road Projects Take Step Forward

Supervisors approve six-year transportation funds.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors last week approved $1.4 billion to fund transportation projects for FY 2015 to FY 2020. Among them were road, bicycle and pedestrian improvements in the local area.

In fall 2012, Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) staff held nine public meetings countywide regarding county residents’ transportation needs. It also conducted an online survey.

With the passage of House Bill 2313 by the Virginia General Assembly in spring 2013, Fairfax County was designated to receive an infusion of state transportation dollars. So FCDOT held additional public meetings in fall 2013 to garner community input to prioritize the unfunded transportation projects residents had requested in 2012.

The supervisors’ approval of these and other transportation-project priorities, last Tuesday, Jan. 28, culminated a nearly two-year outreach called the Countywide Dialogue on Transportation. The board’s action will move many of these much-needed transportation improvements from the planning stage to the construction phase over the next six years.

Below are the local-area projects — some fully funded, some partially funded — that will now move forward:

  • I-66 and Route 28:

Reconstruct portions of the existing interchange. Remove four traffic signals on Route 28 to enhance safety and improve capacity. A VDOT study is underway. VDOT already has $50 million programmed for this project. Cost estimate: $322 million. Six-year funding approved by FCDOT: $54 million.

Widen and reconstruct westbound I-66 off ramp to northbound Route 28. Realign Braddock/Walney roads and construct overpass with ramp connection from northbound Route 28 to the new bridge. Provide new connections from Braddock to eastbound and westbound I-66, from Braddock to and from southbound Route 28, and from southbound Route 28 to eastbound I-66 (flyover).

This project extends Poplar Tree Road across Route 28 from Stonecroft Boulevard to Walney Road. It also involves construction of a new access road to E.C. Lawrence Park and reduces congestion on both I-66 and Route 28.

  • Route 29 from Union Mill Road to Buckley’s Gate Drive:

This project provides pedestrian facilities on the north side of Route 29 and widens Route 29 in this area from four to six lanes. It complements the VDOT bridge-replacement project at Little Rocky Run and completes the widening of Route 29 from Shirley Gate Road to Centreville.

It’s currently the last segment of Route 29 between the City of Fairfax and Centreville that’s not six lanes, so this work would eliminate the last remaining bottleneck. Cost estimate: $32.7 million; approved: $25 million.

  • Stone Road Overpass over I-66 from Route 29 to Route 28:

This project provides an alternative to Route 28 that goes from Centreville to the Westfields Corporate Center. It received partial funding for an alignment study, environmental analysis and preliminary engineering. Cost estimate: $81.55 million; amount approved: $5 million.

Construct a four-lane divided road between Stone Road at Route 29 and New Braddock Road. The work includes curb and gutter, a 5-foot-wide concrete sidewalk on the east side and a 10-foot-wide shared-use path on the west side of Stone Road.

Construct a bridge over I-66 and another bridge over Big Rocky Run. Re-stripe westbound New Braddock Road to provide two, through travel lanes. This overpass could reduce congestion at the I-66/Route 28 and I-66/Route 29 interchanges. In addition, a future Metrorail station near this site is listed on the county’s Comprehensive Plan.

  • Hunter Mill Road and Lawyers Road spot improvement:

(This project is in both the Hunter Mill and Sully districts.) Replace intersection with roundabout, provide 10-foot shared-use path and adequate pedestrian crossings throughout the roundabout and relocate overhead utilities. Cost estimate: $15.5 million; approved: $15.5 million.


Widening Route 29 from four to six lanes between Union Mill Road and Buckley’s Gate Drive is one of the road projects receiving funding from Fairfax County. In photo, Route 29 vehicles near the Stringfellow Road intersection head home toward Centreville, late Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 4.


  • Route 28 from Old Centreville Road to Prince William County line at Bull Run:

Widen this stretch of road from four to six lanes. The work includes intersection improvements, plus pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Cost estimate: $47.35 million; approved: $47.35 million.

It complements the I-66/Route 28 Interchange and, in conjunction with other road projects, would complete the Route 28 Corridor through the entire county. This project includes intersection improvements, as well as pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

A large development just south of the county line is expected to exacerbate existing congestion. So this widening reduces significant congestion between Prince William and Centreville. And as a transportation corridor of regional significance, it would improve access to Dulles International Airport, Reston and Herndon.


  • Braddock Road Walkway

Construct walkway on the south side of Braddock Road from Carlbern Drive to Clubside Lane. Cost estimate: $350,000; approved: $350,000.

  • Compton Road Walkway

Construct a walkway on the north side of Compton Road from east of the pumping station to Centreville Road (Route 28). Cost estimate: $1.4 million; approved: $1.4 million.

  • Compton Road Walkway

Construct a walkway on east side of Compton Road from Mount Olive Road to the Cub Run Stream Valley Trail. Cost estimate: $3 million; approved: $3 million.

  • Pleasant Valley Road Walkway

Construct a walkway on the east side of Pleasant Valley Road from north of Elklick Run to the Dominion Virginia Power lines. Cost estimate: $3.8 million; approved: $3.8 million.

  • Rugby Road Walkway

Construct a walkway on the west side of Rugby Road from Misty Creek Lane to Alder Woods Drive. Cost estimate: $300,000; approved: $300,000.

  • Braddock Road Walkway

Construct a walkway on the south side of Braddock Road from the intersection of Pleasant Valley and Braddock roads to Pleasant Forest Drive. Cost estimate: $600,000; approved: $600,000.