Getting There

Getting There


CUE: The City-University-Energysaver (CUE) Bus System is owned and operated by the City of Fairfax in conjunction with George Mason University (GMU) which provides an annual operating subsidy. CUE provides low cost transit service within the City and to and from the Vienna/Fairfax-GMU Metrorail station and GMU Fairfax campus. CUE buses operate seven days a week.

TAGS: Fairfax County and the Springfield Chamber of Commerce have joined forces to create the Transportation Association of Greater Springfield (TAGS). The result of this partnership is a new bus service that circulates throughout Springfield’s business district. TAGS bus stops include: Franconia-Springfield Metro Station, Springfield Mall, Springfield Hilton, Springfield Plaza Shopping Center, Brookfield Plaza Shopping Center and Backlick Center. Buses arrive every 15 minutes and the service is free.

The buses follow a five-mile circular route from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. TAGS can be contacted by phone at 703-971-7727 for more information.

FASTRAN: FASTRAN transports, via bus or cab, residents of Fairfax County and the Cities of Fairfax and Falls Church. All FASTRAN riders must be certified by one of a group of sponsoring agencies. For information on these agencies, visit FASTRAN or call 703-222-9764. FASTRAN primarily transports clients of human service agencies who cannot drive, find a ride, use Metro or Connector buses, or afford taxi fares to reach needed services. Call the appropriate agency to be certified before scheduling a FASTRAN trip.

Fairfax Connector: Fairfax Connector offers bus service to all areas of Fairfax County. Schedules and maps can be found on the web at Exact cash fare, Metrobus flash passes, Metrobus tokens and Metrobus commuter tickets may be used on all Fairfax Connector routes.

Metrobus flash passes, tickets and tokens are available at Connector Stores or at regular Metro sales outlets. Up to two children, ages four years or younger, ride free with each paying passenger. Additional information and questions can be answered at the Connector Information Center, 703-339-7200 or 703-339-1608.

Metrobus: Metrobus operates many bus routes in Fairfax County in areas such as Centreville, Chantilly, Fair Oaks, Burke, Annandale, Baileys Crossroads, Seven Corners, Tysons Corner, Alexandria, Fort Belvoir, and Springfield. Almost all Metrobus routes connect with Metrorail stations. For more information about Metrobus routes or Metrorail lines, schedules, fares, and parking fees, call the Metro at (202) 637-7000. The TDD number is (202) 638-3780.

A Note On Bus Fares:

Bus fares vary according to the service but most will offer free trips on Code Red days, when air pollution is considered hazardous. The buydowns are an incentive to use public transportation.

Between July 14 of this year and June 2003, Fairfax Connector routes serving the Dulles Toll Road will be free. No fare will be collected on the following routes: 425, 427, 553, 574, 585, 922, 924, 926, 927, 929, 951 and 952.

Between Nov. 25, 2002 and Jan. 20, 2003, the following Fairfax Connector routes serving the Dulles Toll Road will also be free: RIBS 1, 2, 3 and 4, 504 (a new route set to begin Sept. 29, 2002), 505, 551, 552, 556, 557, 605, 950 and 980.


RideSources: The RideSources Program is operated by the Fairfax County Department of Transportation. The RideSources program provides commuters with free ridesharing information, including assistance to form or join carpools or vanpools. Commuters can call or mail in a RideSources application to be entered into a regional database which will match them with people with similar work schedules and travel patterns. The Department of Transportation recommends that commuters who wish to use the program meet potential carpool members before starting to commute together.

For more information and assistance in setting up transportation programs at employment sites, call the Employer Services Specialist at (703) 324-1100, or visit the Employer Services Program website at

The phone number at RideSources for additional information is 703-324-1111.

Commuting by Bicycle: For help with commuting call the Bike Commuter Hotline at 202-628-2500. Leave your name, phone number and the origin and destination of your commute. A bicyclist familiar with your area will return your call.

A map of Fairfax County bicycle trails may be obtained from the Fairfax County Department of Comprehensive Planning at 12055 Government Center Parkway, Suite 730, Fairfax, Virginia 22035.

The trails map and the proposed revised Comprehensive Plan maps are now available online at the non-motorized transportation committee web site at:

Cyclists can also call 703-324-1210 and ask for the Countywide Trails Plan. Cyclists can also contact the Washington Area Bicyclist Association at (202) 628-2500.


Washington Dulles International Airport is located in Sterling at 45020 Aviation Drive, 20166. The airport information line can be contacted at 703-572-2700.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, 703-417-8000, is located at 1 Aviation Circle in Washington DC.

Baltimore-Washington International Airport is located in Baltimore, but does not have a street address. Directions can be found on the web at or by calling 1-800-I-FLY-BWI.

HOV Rules

HOV, or High Occupancy Vehicle lanes are available at peak hours on I-66 and on I-95 and I-395 in Fairfax County. For HOV-2, there must be at least two people in the car. The minimum requirement for HOV-3 is three people.

• I-66 Eastbound before I-495: HOV-2, 5:30-9:30 a.m.

I-66 Eastbound after I-495: All lanes HOV-2, 6:30-9:00 a.m.

• I-66 Westbound before I-495: All lanes HOV-2, 4:00-6:30 p.m.

I-66 Westbound after I-495: HOV-2, 3:00-7:00 p.m.

• I-95 Northbound: HOV-3, 6:00-9:00 a.m.

• I-95 Southbound: HOV-3, 3:30-6:30 p.m.

• I-395 Northbound: HOV-3, 6:00-9:00 a.m.

• I-395 Southbound: HOV-3, 3:30-6:00 p.m.

Smart Tag and Toll Roads

Smart Tag is an electronic toll collection system that lets drivers pay without stopping at the toll booths. As the driver approaches the toll lanes, a device on the inside of the windshield is read electronically and the toll is deducted automatically from the driver’s pre-paid Smart Tag account.

Smart Tag can be used in the Northern Virginia area on both the Dulles Toll Road and the Dulles Greenway. It can also be used in other parts of Virginia as well. For more information on how to start a Smart Tag account visit or call 1-877-SMARTAG.

Parking Areas for Bus Service

The following areas provide parking for the purpose of park-and-ride:

American Legion Springfield

6520 Amherst Ave.

Spaces: 75

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 204

Canterbury Woods Park

5018 Wakefield Chapel Road

Spaces: 34

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 17A, 17B, 17F, 17G, 17H, 17K, 17L, 306

Centreville Park & Ride

Rt. 29 at Stone Road

Spaces: 370

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 12C, 12E, 12L

Centreville United Methodist Church

New Braddock Road at 28

Spaces: 147

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 12E, 12F, 12L

Fairlanes Bowling Center

13814 Lee Highway

Spaces: 35

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: none

Fair Oaks Mall

Rt. 50 near detention pond

Spaces: 170

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: other side of mall 1C, 1Z, 2B, 2G, 20G, 20A

Fairfax County Government Center

12000 Government Center Parkway

Spaces: 170

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 20A, 20G

Greenbriar Park

Melville Ln., near Stringfellow Road

Spaces: 55

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: none


12530 Sunrise Valley Drive

Spaces: 1,745

Cost: Free

Connector Store location

Bus Routes: RIBS 2, 551, 901, 904, 922, 924, 926, 927, 929,

941, 942, 951, 952, 980, 984

K-Mart at Springfield Plaza

Bland St. & Old Keene Mill Road

Spaces: 75

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 204, 110, 111, 18ABEFGHIJKLPR, Slug Line across Old King Mill

Metro, Dunn Loring Station

Median of I-66 at Gallows Road

Spaces: 1,233

Cost: $2.25

Bus Routes: 1B, 1D, 2A, 2C, 401, 402, 403

Metro, East Falls Church Station

Washington Blvd. at Sycamore St.

Spaces: 385

Cost: $2.25

Bus Routes: 3A, 3B, 3E, 3F, 10C, 10D, 22A, 22B, 24T

Metro, Franconia Springfield Station

6880 Frontier Drive at Fairfax County Parkway

Spaces: 3856

Cost: $2.25

Bus Routes: 18RS, 109, 110, 111, 202, 204, 301, 303, 304, 305, 311, 401, S80, S81

Metro, Huntington North Station

Huntington Ave. at Fenwick Drive

Spaces: 1,293

Cost: $2.25

Bus Routes: 101, 102, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 9A

Metro, Huntington South Station

South Kings Highway

Spaces: 1,804

Cost: $2.25

Bus Routes: 103

Metro, Huntington Colonial Parking

Huntington Ave.

Spaces: 539

Cost: $2.75

Bus Routes: 101, 102, 105, 106, 107, 109, 110, 9A Metro,

Van Dorn Street Station

S. Van Dorn Street & Eisenhower Ave.

Spaces: 361

Cost: $2.25

Bus Routes: 109, 202, 203, 204, 25B, DASH AT2, AT5, AT7, AT8

Metro, Vienna/GMU

Median I-66 at Nutley Street

Spaces: 3,572

Cost: $2.25

Bus Routes: 2W, 12C, 12D, 12E, 12F, 12L, 12M, 12R, 12S,

20A, 20F, 20G, 20P, 20W, 20X, 20Y, 402, 403

Metro, West Falls Church / VT-UVA Station

Median I-66 at Route 7

Spaces: 1,037

Cost: $2.25

Bus Routes: 3B, 3F, 28A, 28B, 3W, 3Z, 427, 551, 552, 553, 554,

557, 585, 901, 905, 951, 952, 980, Washington Flyer (Dulles Airport)

Metro, West Falls Church / VT-UVA lot

Overflow parking off of Haycock Road

Spaces: 275

Cost: $2.25

Bus Routes: 3B, 3F, 28A, 28B, 3W, 3Z

Nottoway Park

Vienna Courthouse Road, near Nutley Street

Spaces: 14

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 2W, 402, 403

Pam Am Shopping Center

Nutley St. at Route 29

Spaces: 145

Cost: Free

Free Shuttle to Vienna Metro Station V!, 17AFGK, 306

Parkwood Baptist Church

8726 Braddock Road

Spaces: 18

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 17A, 17F, 17H, 17K, 306

Poplar Tree Park

Stringfellow Road near Fair Lakes Parkway

Spaces: 279

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 12S

Reston East at Wiehle Ave.

Wiehle Ave. at Dulles Toll Road

Spaces: 827

Cost: Free

Connector Store Express location

Bus Routes: RIBS 1, RIBS 2, RIBS 3, 551, 552, 554, 557,

901, 905, 984, 989

Reston North VDOT lot

Sunset Hills Road at Wiehle Ave.

Spaces: 320

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: RIBS 2, 905, 942, 952 Along Sunset Hills Rd.

Reston South (Money’s Corner)

Fox Mill Road / Lawyers Road

Spaces: 400

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 553, 557, 585

Rolling Valley

Old Keene Mill Road, east of Shiplett Blvd.

Spaces: 628

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 110, 111, 18G, 18J

South Run District Park

Pohick Road, near Lee Chapel Road

Spaces: 340

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 305, 385, 18R

Springfield Mall

Spring Mall Road at JC Penny entrance

Spaces: 80

Cost: Free

Connector Store located in mall

Bus Routes: 109, 110, 311, 401, Springfield Circulator, Metro Shuttle

Springfield Mall

Macy’s Garage Level 6

Spaces: 500

Cost: Free

Connector Store located in mall

Bus Routes: Metro Shuttle at ground level; 109, 110, 311, 401,

Springfield Circulator at JC Penny entrance

Springfield Plaza

Bland Street and Old Keene Mill Road

Spaces: 155

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 18E, 110, 111, 204.,Slug line across Old Keene Mill Rd

Springfield United Methodist

7047 Old Keene Mill Road

Spaces: 48

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 18G, 18H, 18J, 18K, 18P, 110, 111, 204

Stringfellow Park & Ride -Lot

Located at I-66 and Stringfellow Road

350 free parking spaces.

Served by Metrobus 12 R, S

Cost: Free

St. Paul Chung Catholic Church

4712 Rippling Pond Drive, near Stringfellow Road

Spaces: 100

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 12S

Sully Station

Stonecroft Blvd. at Westfield Blvd.

Spaces: 140

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 12R, 12S

Sydenstricker Park & Ride

Sydenstricker Road at the Fairfax County Parkway

Spaces : 167

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 305, 385

Slugline for HOV.

VRE, Backlick Road Commuter Rail Station

6900 Hechinger Drive

Spaces: 220

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 18E, 18F, 204, 401

VRE, Burke Centre Station

5671 Roberts Parkway

Spaces: 543

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 17B, 17L

VRE, Franconia-Springfield Station

Franconia-Springfield Metro Station

6880 Frontier Drive

Spaces: 3,856

Cost: $2.25

Bus Routes: 18R, 18S, 109, 110, 111, 202, 204, 301, 303,

304, 305, 311, 401, Springfield Circulator

VRE, Lorton Station

8990 Potomac Bend Blvd.

Spaces: 217

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 9A, 383, Slug line for Pentagon

VRE, Rolling Road Station

9016 Burke Road

Spaces: 368

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 17B, 17L

Wakefield Park

Queensbury Road & Braddock Road

Spaces: 50

Cost: Free

Bus Routes: 17A, 17B, 17F, 17G, 17H, 17K, 17L, 17M, 306


The following Metro stations in the area provide service to other stations all over the metropolitan area:

Orange Line:

Vienna - Fairfax - GMU

Median of I-66 at Nutley Street, Fairfax

120 free parking spaces; Pam Am Shopping Center

Lee Highway at Nutley Street available 5 a.m. to midnight

Free shuttle service to Metro Station every 15 minutes

Fairfax Connector, Metrobus, Fair Lakes Shuttle and CUE bus service

Dunn Loring - Merrifield

Median of I-66 at Gallows Road, Fairfax

Over 1,200 parking spaces; a fee of $2.25 is collected from 2-10 p.m.

Fairfax Connector & Metrobus service

West Falls Church - VT/UVA

Median of I-66 at Leesburg Pike, Falls Church

Over 1,000 parking spaces; a fee of $2.25 is collected from 2-10 p.m.

Fairfax Connector, Metrobus service & Washington Flyer service to Dulles Airport

East Falls Church Station

Washington Boulevard at Sycamore St., Arlington

385 parking spaces; a fee of $2.25 is collected from 2-10 p.m.

Metrobus service

Blue Line:

Van Dorn Street Station

South Van Dorn Street & Eisenhower Ave., Alexandria

361 parking spaces; a fee of $2.25 is collected from 2-10 p.m.

Fairfax Connector, DASH, & Metrobus service

Franconia-Springfield Station

Frontier Drive & Fairfax County Parkway

3856 parking spaces; a fee of $2.25 is collected from 2-10 p.m.

Fairfax Connector & Metrobus service

Yellow Line:

Eisenhower Avenue Station

Eisenhower Station at Stovall Street, Alexandria

No parking available

Fairfax Connector, DASH & Metrobus service

Huntington Station

Huntington Avenue at Fenwick Drive, Alexandria

3,097 parking spaces; a fee of $2.25 is collected from 2-10 p.m.

539 overflow parking spaces at $2.25 per day

Fairfax Connector & Metrobus service

Fairfax Connector buses also serve the following Metrorail stations outside of Fairfax County: Crystal City, Eisenhower Avenue, King Street, Pentagon, Pentagon City and Rosslyn.

Major Roadways and Traffic Counts

There are more than 15,000 lane miles in Northern Virginia. A total of 774,166 vehicles are registered in Fairfax County. Traffic counts conducted at the Springfield Interchange, where I-95, I-395 and I-495 intersect, numbered 450,000 vehicles per day.