From 'Miracle Worker' to 'Titanic'

From 'Miracle Worker' to 'Titanic'

West Potomac High School enjoyed a full winter season, including the student-directed one-acts and the winter play, "The Miracle Worker." Both productions were well-performed and well-attended, thanks to the support of all the cast and crews of each show.

For the Winter Night of One-Acts this year, there were nine shows and 11 directors. The student-directed one-acts gave the students the opportunity to pick the subject matter of their show and expand their horizons. This resulted in a hodgepodge of shows, assuring that there would be something for everyone. For example, if one were looking for a dramatic comedy, Bayly Unger's self-written and -directed "Leaving Early" would be a delight. Others may want a fun, silly piece like "The Funeral Parlor," directed by Ahmed Huidobro. For a surprise ending, "Surgeonless," written and directed by Corey Ahearn, or "Insiders," written and directed by Andrew Allen, would be memorable one-acts to watch. If romantic irony were sought, "Seven Menus," directed by Katie Carmichael, would be a breath of fresh air. For a good old-fashioned mix-up, the audience could enjoy "The Importance of Being Earnest," directed by Rebecca Lear and Corelyn Coates. Colorful comedic characters could be found in "Hard Candy," directed by Emily Lynn Vernon and Michael McGraw. For audience members that desired a sequel about a puppet just trying to find his place in the world, Kevin Czapiewski's self-written and -directed "Pinnochio for the Romantically Challenged" was the perfect show. If a comedy brimming with laughs were craved, "Wanda's Visit," directed by Jessie Surovell, would be an excellent one-act to see. Surovell's show received first place at the District One-Act Competition, and moved on to the Regional Competition, where it placed sixth.

West Potomac's winter show, "The Miracle Worker," hit a few bumps in the road because of snow and rescheduling, but none of the difficulties showed in the performances.

West Potomac is looking forward to its spring season, when students will be performing "Titanic," the musical.