Crime Log

Crime Log

<lst>The following incidents were reported to the Franconia Station of the Fairfax County Police Department.


<cal2>Amherst Avenue 6000 block - Stereo and dashboard taken from parked vehicle.

Angleton Court 7900 block - Computers reported stolen from business.

Backlick Road 7000 block - Portable radio reported stolen from fire station.

Beryl Road 6300 block - Clothes taken from a parked vehicle.

Bland Street 6800 block - Cash taken from business.

Cheyenne Knoll Place 5400 block - Stereo taken from parked vehicle.

Dreyfuss Street 5700 block - Two weapons taken from residence.

Edsall Road 6200 block - Two rifles taken from warehouse.

Edsall Road 6200 block - Wallet reported stolen.

Ellingham Circle 7000 block - Stereo taken from parked vehicle.

Fairhaven Avenue 2500 block - Christmas lights taken from residence.

Franconia Road 5500 block - Gasoline taken from service station without payment being made.

Frontier Drive 6700 block - Bicycle reported stolen.

Gunston Road 9800 block - Beer taken from business.

Heming Avenue 5600 block - Wallet taken from parked vehicle.

Irwell Lane 7000 block - Tire rims taken from parked vehicle.

Landsdown Centre 6400 block - Gasoline taken from service station without payment being made.

Loisdale Court 6500 block - Computer equipment taken from business.

Marilyn Drive 6000 block - Power tools taken from parked vehicle.

Miller Drive 6300 block - Wallet reported stolen.

Milva Lane/Westmore Drive - Stereo taken from parked vehicle.

Springfield Plaza 6300 block - License plates taken from parked vehicle.

Waites Way/Waldren Drive - License plate taken from parked vehicle.

Zekan Lane 6300 block - Copper was taken from residence.


<cal2>Backlick Road/Braddock Road - 2001 Toyota Corolla reported stolen.

Rock Cliff Lane 6000 block - 2000 Honda Civic reported stolen.