Director's Notes

Director's Notes

Ever since I first saw the musical "Les Miserables" in the late '80s, it has been my favorite musical, and the one I most wanted to be a part of sometime in my career as a theatre teacher. Unfortunately, the show is completely sung, and the music is challenging, even for seasoned professionals. However, after tackling "Titanic" last spring, I began to once again think I might actually have a chance to stage the production at West Potomac.

One obstacle we have faced for many years in our large Springbank Auditorium when presenting musicals is getting the sound of our singers out to the audience. Even with personal microphones and hours of voice work, we were unable to sing over the orchestra due to inadequate speakers that do not reach the center section of the audience. To attempt "Les Miserables," we would have to improve our ability to send out sound. Thankfully, and due mostly to the hard work of Bob Richard, a music and theatre patron parent, our sound system will be updated and improved in time for our opening at the end of April. With that obstacle mounted and the overwhelming support of our fabulous theatre and music students, I was convinced that this was the year to reach for the stars.

I have always loved teaching and directing at West Potomac High School. We have the most dedicated, talented and enthusiastic students in our theatre department. With 28 seniors involved in the show, and many up and coming underclassmen, I hope you will join us for our most challenging production ever. I have never been as proud.